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Fire Restrictions Lifted for Some Parts of Yavapai County

25 July 2016   Denny Foulk

Fire Restrictions lifted in the Central Zone

Update: Here is the information from the Prescott Fire Department: 

PRESCOTT, AZ (July 25, 2016) – The Prescott Fire Department is announcing the lifting of Stage I fire restrictions due to the recent and forecast continued moisture and higher humidity in the area. Fire officials will lift current fire restrictions on Tuesday, July 26 at 8 a.m. Prescott is lifting its restrictions in conjunction with partner fire agencies in the Prescott Basin.

The City of Prescott follows the Prescott National Forest based on their proximity and due to their ability to obtain more statistical data to make science based determinations. Recent and anticipated continuing precipitation over the next week, coupled with increases in humidity, has moderated fire conditions and allowed for the restriction change.  Despite the relaxation of fire restrictions, please remember to always use caution with fire – never leave a fire unattended and ensure your fire is completely out before leaving a camp or other recreational site.  

Residential burn permits are available online at  Commercial burn permits are available at thePrescott Fire Department Administration Office, 1700 Iron Springs Road. If precipitation patterns change and the fire danger increases, area partners will re-examine the need to implement restrictions again.   

For additional information regarding fire restrictions in the City of Prescott please call (928) 777-1700 or visit our website at  If you do not live in the Prescott city limits, please refer to Yavapai County or your local jurisdiction to determine whether fire restrictions remain in effect in your community.   

The Central Fire Ban Region of Yavapai County has received significant moisture, and fire conditions in this region have moderated greatly.  Although conditions are moderating across the County, the moisture received hasn’t been consistent over greater portions and lower elevations of Yavapai County.  Fire conditions remain in the Southern, Northern, and Eastern Yavapai County Fire Zones.  Monsoon rains are expected to be active Monday and Tuesday, with a slight drying trend for Wednesday and Thursday, and increasing moisture from Friday through the Weekend.  Observation and data support lifting restrictions in the Central Fire Zone, and maintaining restrictions in the County’s East, North, and Southern Fire Zones.  Fire Bans are jurisdictional and each fire district may set the limits of their fire ban or stage restrictions. 

Effective 8:00 AM, July 26, 2016, Yavapai County will lift fire restrictions for the Central Fire Zone of Yavapai County which includes the following communities:

  • Chino Valley
  • Central Arizona Fire and Medical (District)
  • Crown King
  • Dewey Humboldt
  • Groom Creek
  • Jerome
  • Prescott Valley
  • Prescott
  • Walker

The Fire Ban remains in effect for the Eastern, Northern, and Southern Fire Zones which include the following communities:

  • Ash Fork
  • Black Canyon City
  • Camp Verde
  • Congress
  • Clarkdale
  • Cottonwood
  • Mayer Fire District has elected to stay in restrictions at this time.
  • Montezuma Rimrock
  • Paulden
  • Peeples Valley
  • Sedona
  • Seligman
  • Skull Valley
  • Wickenburg Rural
  • Wilhoit
  • Yarnell

 With increasing moisture over the next week, conditions are expected to continue to moderate in the Eastern, Northern, and Southern Fire Zones, and evaluation of conditions will be ongoing.  Yavapai County encourages all residents to continue to exercise caution.