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Yavapai County Reduces Tax Rates, Provides Merit Increase to Employees

18 June 2016   Cynthia Gentle

According to Supervisor Jack Smith, Yavapai County is poised to reduce the tax rate for a second year and still provide a merit increase to employees.

In 2013 when this Board of Supervisors took office we were faced with an over $3 million dollar deficit and as we entered this budget season we were looking at a $2 million dollar surplus. I have worked closely with Department Heads and County Elected Officials to evaluate the proposed budget to insure that County services are being provided in an efficient and effective manner while looking after the interests of taxpayers in Yavapai County.

While developing the 2015/2016 fiscal year budget, Yavapai County removed 27 under-utilized vehicles from the County departments which did not meet the minimum utilization and these departments now utilizes a Motor Pool loaner only on the days that a vehicle is needed which has resulted in a savings of approximately $200,000.

The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to adopt the County's tentative budget for the 2016/2017 fiscal year on July 6, 2016. The tentative budget is $205.4 million which will result in a reduction of the primary property tax rate.

The primary property tax levy in Yavapai County's tentative budget is set at 83% of its maximum allowable levy meaning the County is $8.9 million dollars below the maximum amount allowed by law.

Supervisor Smith stated "Although we face challenges in balancing the budget due to impacts from the State Budget we continue to meet the needs of the community. Fiscal responsibility is essential to creating a healthier, stronger, more successful county for the next generation. "

This press release is being issued on behalf of District 5 Supervisor Jack R. Smith, and represents the position or opinion of only Supervisor Jack R. Smith.

For additional information, please contact Cynthia Gentle, Administrative Assistant, Board of Supervisors Dewey Office at 928-771-3209.