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Counterfeit Money Circulating in Prescott Valley

11 May 2016   Sgt. Jake Jackson

Beware of Counterfeit Money in the Quad-City Area

Prescott Valley Police Department has received five reports of counterfeit money being passed to local merchants during the past six weeks ranging from $5 to $50 denominations. In an effort to educate the public and avoid further incidents, the Prescott Valley Police is offering the following tips to detect and avoid possible counterfeit money:

  1. Beware of customers that use large bills for small purchases, or ask for change for smaller denominations.

  2. Take a moment to examine the currency:

    • Does the bill have raised printed features?

    • Red / blue threads present?

    • Visible watermark when held up to light?

    • Examine the currency for blurry borders, printing, or text. Any are a red flag for counterfeit.

    • Security Thread:

    • $5 – Right side. Glows blue under UV light

    • $10 – Right side. Glows orange under UV light

    • $20 – Far left hand side. Glows green under UV light

    • $50 – Right around the middle. Glows yellow Under UV light

    • $100 – On left side. Glows pink under UV light

  3. Visit US Secret Service website for more information:

  4. If you encounter a fake counterfeit bill, jot down some notes on who gave you the bill. A license plate number is great, although that is often not possible.

  5. Handle the bill as little as possible and place it in a new envelope.

  6. Contact Your Local Authorities

Prescott Valley Police Department asks all our merchants to be alert to this activity and not become victims. Any information or suspicious activity should be reported to the Prescott Valley Police Department immediately at (928) 772-9267 for non-emergencies, 911 for emergencies.