Today: Nov 17 , 2019

Wildland Fire Along Hwy 69 Near Lowes

19 April 2016   Conrad Jackson

Wildland fire breaks out near Lowes.

At 10:45 Monday morning the Prescott Regional Communications Center received multiple calls for a possible Wildland fire in the drainage just east of Lowes along Highway 69.  A Prescott Fire Prevention officer passing by the area was able to corroborate the calls as two engines and a patrol responded to the fire.  

Prescott Engine 75 and Patrol 75 were the first to arrive with Engine 72 moments later.  The two engines established hoselines on either side of the fire and were able to get a quick knock down on the flames.  The fire was kept to less than one quarter acre.  

Central Yavapai Fire was requested to bring a water tender to the scene as there are no nearby hydrants at that location.  All three crews worked together to construct a handline around the fire as a redundant safety.  Traffic in the westbound lanes was reduced to a single lane for roughly two hours while the crews worked on the handline and subsequently sought out any hot spots remaining on the fire. 

Investigation found a small warming fire in the bottom of the drainage which had been inadequately put out as the point of origin.  

The fire department would like to remind everyone that despite the recent rains of last week, light fuels such as grasses and pine needles can dry back out within an hour and once again become a fuel source, as evidenced by today’s event.  

This fire makes three years in a row where the department has fought a Wildland fire this third week of April.