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Small Wildfire Result of Burning Trash

14 April 2016   Central Arizona Fire

Fire in Dewey-Humboldt is a “Reminder to Folks, Burning Trash, Cardboard or Paper is Not Allowed” and You Need a Permit

According to Fire Marshal Rick Chase, a small wildfire occurred in Dewey-Humboldt on Tuesday when a person was burning papers in a burn barrel.

The fire occurred around noontime when a person burning papers in a burn barrel had embers ignite the surrounding dry grass. Central Yavapai Fire Department responded with three engines and a patrol, according to Chase.

Two of the engines were cancelled, and approximately 1/3 of an acre was burned.

“Reminder to folks, burning trash, cardboard or paper is not allowed,” Chase said.

Residents can check online daily to see if burning is suspended due to winds or other potentially dangerous conditions. Burn permits are required before burning, but can be obtained for free if the conditions are safe.

Burn Permits:

According to the website, “This process issues burn permits, which are valid until the end of the calendar year, for addresses servied by the Prescott Fire Department, Central Yavapai Fire District, Chino Valley Fire District, Groom Creek Fire District, Williamson Valley Fire District and Walker Fire Protection Association ONLY.

The application is only available if burning is allowed on that day.

You can also apply for a burn permit in person at any fire administration office or closest fire station, or by calling your local fire administration office. Information regarding commercial burn permits is also at this website: