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RWOP Learns About 'Right to Try'

17 March 2016  

“What about lifesaving treatment? …In this country, you literally have to beg the FDA for permission to try to save your own life.”

Hundreds (literally) of Republican Women of Prescott gathered at their monthly luncheon on Wednesday to hear from Christina Sandefur, Executive Vice President at the Goldwater Institute. Sandefur, the co-drafter of the ‘Right to Try’ legislation, explained how this law can help those with terminal illnesses get the treatment they need. 

Other news from RWOP included information that:

  • The club raised $4800 for Honor Flight Arizona in February to help World War II vets go back to see their Memorial in Washington DC
  • Membership in RWOP stands at more than 600 members. In 2015, they were the official largest Republican women group in the country, and they are well on their way to repeating that this year.
  • A Mardi Gras celebration to be held April 17 at the Prescott Resort

Enacted in 24 states, Right to Try legislation allows those that are dying, and have exhausted every other treatment option, access to drugs deemed to be safe, but are still in trials with the FDA and not yet available to the general public. The law has broad bipartisan support amongst voters and legislators alike. 

In Arizona, it passed as a legislatively referred state statute in 2014. The only state where it has failed is California. It was enacted on in the legislature, but Governor Jerry Brown vetoed it, just six days after signing a “Right to Die” law. 

Listen to Sandefur explain the reasons and the necessity for 'Right to Try' legislation: 

Afterwards, Sandefur clarified that people who do not live in a ‘Right to Try’ state can visit or move to another state where it has been placed into law and receive the needed benefits. 


Right to Try website:

Right to Try Foundation helps families who are unable to afford the treatments and need financial assistance. 

The Right To Try, by Darcy Olsen, President of the Goldwater Institute.

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