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Prescott Council to Vote on Increased Parking Fees at Recreation Areas

25 January 2016   Lynne LaMaster
With added pressure on the General Fund, Prescott City Council members are looking for ways to reduce budget costs and increase revenues.

The Parks and Recreation Department has proposed raising parking fees at City recreation facilities.

“At the November 10, 2015, City Council meeting regarding the FY16 mid-year bidget adjustments, Council direction was given to implement revenue enhancements,” explains Tuesday’s agenda.

The City of Prescott began collecting parking fees at recreation areas when improvements were completed at Goldwater Lake’s day use area in 1979. After the purchase of Willow and Watson Lakes, when park improvements were completed, fee collection and enforcement based on the “honor system”. Automated pay kiosks were installed at four park locations in 2010: Willow, Watson and Goldwater Lakes and also the Peavine Trailhead off Sundog Ranch Road. In FY 2015, $175,000 was collected in revenue, which was applied towards recovering maintenance and improvement costs in operating the City park system.

Currently, the City offers free parking on Wednesdays. By eliminating free Wednesdays, the city anticipates an annual increase of $36,000. They are also proposing an increase in daily and multi-day passes.

Here are the proposed adjustments:

  • Annual pass (one visit per day), currently $80, to be raised to $100 (25% increase)
  • 40 visit pass, currently $40 ($1 per visit), to be raised to $60 ($1.50 per visit) (50% increase)
  • 10 visit pass currently $10 ($1 per visit), to be raised to $20 ($2 per visit) (100% increase)
  • Daily Parking fee currently $2 to be raised to $3 per day (50% increase)

It is anticipated that the annual estimated parking revenue will be $291,000 with the adjusted revenues. That will comprise about 9.4% of the total FY16 Recreation Services operating budget of $3.1 million.

If approved the new fees should take effect in 30 days. Passes purchased before the new fees take effect will be honored.