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Chino Valley Mayor Marley Talks Pot

22 October 2015  

The people voted. Now the local communities grapple with the realities.

Despite sharing the same last name as the world famous singer and pot smoker Bob Marley, Mayor Chris Marley of the Town of Chino Valley doesn’t show the same affinity for marijuana. In the video update below, the Mayor answers questions his office has received regarding medical marijuana being grown in the area.  Some of the questions the Mayor answers include:

  • Can’t you just stop the growing of marijuana in Chino Valley?
  • How long has medical marijuana been legally cultivated here?
  • Why aren’t cultivation facilities being better marked?
  • Has any of this been covered by the media?
  • Are there growing facilities in the surrounding communities?

What do you think about medical marijuana? We want to hear your voice.

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