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Monsoon Safety Awareness Week Information

10 June 2014  

Monsoon season is just around the corner. Are you ready?

Monsoon season starts on June 15, and will continue until September 30. During this time, rainstorms, windbursts, flash flooding, and even dust storms can occur. Accompanying these events can mean street and creek flooding, downed trees, power outages, phone outages, cable tv and Internet interruptions. Right now, set up an list of emergency numbers to call if needed. In the quad city area of Yavapai County, some of those numbers are:

APS: 855-688-2437 (855-OUTAGES) 928.445.4511

City of Prescott: 777-1100

Yavapai County: 771-3100; In the Verde Valley, call: 928-639-8100

Phone Numbers to Gather in a List

Family doctors, dentists & caretakers. Don't forget your pet's veterinarian!

Family members

Relatives and friends to contact in the event of an emergency

And finally, make sure you have a list of medications you are taking. Do you have a smart phone? Take a photo of the front of each prescription bottle. Make sure you get the dosage and the doctor's name in each photo. Keep it on your phone, or "in the cloud".



Remember, the weather can change in a moment's time, thus it is important to be constantly aware of what is happening. Don't let yourselves be trapped. Be prepared. The Department of Homeland Security has a recommended Disaster Supplies Kit here. Additionally, here is a suggested Ready List.



The Maricopa County website offers these suggestions:

"Household Readiness involves three simple steps, 1) Have a household plan, 2) Have an emergency supply kit, and 3) Have a "Go" bag.

"Preparedness in Motion: If you spend a lot of time in your car, whether you’re running errands, commuting or transporting the kids to all those summer activities, being prepared includes your car, too.

"1. Do you carry the basics? Water? First aid kit? Flashlight? Spare tire? Click here for ideas on what you may want to have in your car.

"2. Windshield wipers don’t get better with exposure to long dry spells like we see in the desert southwest. We also don’t tend to think about them until we need them the most. Replace worn, cracked ones before the rain starts. It would make a great Father’s Day gift!

"3. Pull Aside, Stay Alive. For more information on flooded roadways and safety, click here ."



Take photos of important heirlooms and other valuables in advance, and store the images "in the cloud". Also make a list of technological equipment and note the serial numbers. If you have to evacuate, take a photo of each room before you leave if you can do so safely. If you ever need to make an insurance claim, you'll find such photos are invaluable.



Watch the Featured Video section on the home page of this site each day this week for more information.

In the meantime, here's an introduction to the Monsoon Season from the National Weather Service: