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Lynx Creek Bridge Replacement Project

05 June 2014  

New bridge in Walker

The existing Bridge over Lynx Creek on Walker Road was constructed in 1935 and although the bridge is currently safe for highway rated loads, upon inspection, decades of gradual deterioration are evident on the structure. To address these concerns and insure continued full access to Walker and surrounding areas over the bridge, Yavapai County is participating in a cooperative project to replace the bridge.

The replacement bridge will be designed to current highway standards, accommodate two lanes of traffic and completely span the creek with an 83 foot long structure.

It is estimated that it will cost $1.96 million to replace the existing bridge with a new bridge meeting current standards. Of this amount, the County will contribute $112,000.

One-way traffic will be maintained during construction of the new bridge by building the bridge one-half at a time. Phase 1 will consist of half of the new bridge constructed and traffic will use the existing bridge then traffic will be shifted onto the completed half of the new bridge while the old bridge is removed and the remainder of the new bridge is completed in Phase 2.

The new Bridge will ensure the safety of access for the traveling public as well as emergency vehicles.

This press release is being issued on behalf of District 5 Supervisor Jack R. Smith, and represents the position or opinion of only Supervisor Jack R. Smith.

For additional information, please contact Cynthia Gentle,Administrative Assistant, Board of Supervisors Dewey Office at 928-771-3209.