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Current Election Information Update

08 November 2012  

Where do we stand now as far as election results?

When Senator-elect Jeff Flake arrived in Prescott about a week and a half ago, he brought with him Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain. While making his remarks, Kyl stated that Flake was going to need Yavapai County's votes - and not in a small way, but lots and lots of votes to help carry him through the rest of the state.

Currently, Flake is leading Carmona by 79,790 votes. Flake won in the entire state by about 5%, but he led by a whopping 24% in Yavapai County, with 50,770 votes as compared to 29,999 for Carmona. That means that 63% of Flakes' margin came from Yavapai County.

All in all, Yavapai County had the highest voter turnout percentage in the state at 70.74%. To help put that into persective, the total turnout in Arizona was 54.85%

Outstanding Ballots

According to Karen McCracken, Registrar of Voters, as of 1 pm Wednesday afternoon, there were about 4700 early ballots left to verify, and approximately 3000 provisionals to process.

Statewide, as of Wednesday afternoon, there are approximately "...602,334 early and provisional ballots that are yet to be processed and counted," according to Secretary of State Ken Bennett.

Bennett explained that state law gives the counties 10 calendar days to verify and process the remaining early and provisional ballots, which gives them until the end of Friday, November 16.

Individuals that had insufficient identification when they went to the polls were issued a "conditional provisional" ballot. They have five business days, or until the end of Tuesday, November 13, to return to their county elections office with proper ID.

Maricopa County has over 460 thousand ballots left to process.

What to do with a tie?

One of the races that remains undecided is that of the Prescott Unified School District Governing Board. It appears that two of the seats are filled by Scott Hicks and Tina Seeley. But, Dee Navarro is tied with John Mackin with exactly 8,167 each. We asked McCracken what happens in the event of a tie?

"There is no provision in state law for recounting ballots in a school district governing board race (A.R.S.16-661.B) Should they tie, A.R.S.16-649 states the winner should be determined by lot," she replied. McCracken then noted, "We have many ballots to process so I'm thinking chances of a tie could be a moot point."

Here's your election update.

State Vote: Results as of 8:33 PM, Wednesday

Yavapai County Voter Turnout 70.74% (highest % in the state): 124,156 Registered Voters; 87,830 Ballots Cast;

State of AZ Voter Turnout: 54.85%; Registered Voters 3,124,712; Ballots Cast 1,714,001

  Yavapai County Arizona


 Romney  Romney
Senator  Flake  Flake
US Congress, District 4  Gosar  Gosar
US Congress, District 1  Paton  Kirkpatrick
State Senator, District 1  Pierce Pierce
State Representative, District 1  Tobin, Fann Tobin, Fann
Corporation Commission  Bittersmith, Burns, Stump  Bittersmith, Burns, Stump
Central Yavapai Fire Board  Rutherford, Page, Horton  
Chino Valley Fire District Warren, McConnell, Dougan  
Board of Supervisors Rowle Simmons, Tom Thurman, Chip Davis, Craig Brown, Jack Smith  
PUSD School Board Scott Hicks, Tina Seeley, TIE: Dee Navarro, John Mackin  
Prop. 114 Crime victim can't be sued for injury  yes  yes
Prop. 115, Change terms for Judges, more  no  no
Prop. 116, Change property tax exemptions for businesses  no  no
Prop. 117, Cannot increase property taxes more than 5%  yes  yes
Prop. 118, Averaging out the distribution formula for the State Trust Land  yes no (really close)
Prop. 119, Ability to exchange State Trust Land to protect military facilities  yes  yes
Prop. 120, Repeals Arizona's disclaimer to title of federal public lands  no  no
Prop. 121, Top Two primaries  no  no
Prop. 204 Make 1¢ tax permanent  no  no
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