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FAA Proposes $330K Fine Against Local Pilot Training School

21 April 2010  

North-Aire Aviation is facing a proposed $330k civil penalty from the FAA for allegedly not keeping up standards up.

faafineAccording to an Associated Press (AP) release, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed a $330,000 civil penalty against North-Aire Aviation due to a failure to meet course regulations and retain student records as required.

AP specifies that, "The fines relate to at least 18 students who graduated between April and August of 2008." The FAA claims that the school certified the graduates had completed all requirements satisfactorily, when in fact they hadn't.

In a phone call to North-Aire a unnamed staff person responded with the following statement, "We are aware of the curent allegations and that is something that concerns the previous ownership." This staff person would not offer any further details, and neither did she choose to provide her name, stating firmly, "That is all I am allowed to say."

FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt is quoted by AP as saying, "Pilots must receive comprehensive training and taking shortcuts isn't acceptable."

North-Aire has 30 days to appeal.

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