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Representative Ann Kirkpatrick Holds Reception in Prescott Office

10 April 2010  

At a reception for those whom her office has helped in a variety of ways, Congresswoman Kirkpatrick answered questions and presented a flag to Rotary member John Stewart. 

Representative Ann Kirkpatrick speaks at a private reception for constituents that have been assisted by her office staff.

Representative Ann Kirkpatrick was in town on Wednesday to attend a reception at her Prescott office for local folks for whom her staff has done casework.

According to an email from her Legislative/Press Aide, Joseph Wolfe, "One of the Congresswoman’s priorities is making the federal government more effective for people and families in our district through casework, so she will spend this time speaking with constituents about their experiences with our office and how we can better serve people in the Prescott area."

Jay Reeder, a self-described "Tea-Partier" credited Kirkpatrick and her staff for their help in a mortgage modification situation.

Wolfe explained that due to space limitations, Kirkpatrick was unable to open the reception to the public. 

About 25 people showed up to the Montezuma Street office, where they asked the Congresswoman several questions, most having to do with home foreclosures, mortgage modifications and the apparent lack of incentive for banks to assist homeowners.

Afterwards, Kirkpatrick spoke with Prescott eNews about the event, and also about her recent vote in favor of the Health Care legislation.

At the end, Representative Kirkpatrick presented a flag that had been flown over the Capitol to John Stewart, in honor of his mother who has recently passed away. Stewart accepted the flag appreciatively, explaining, "She was a World War II veteran and a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army."

Representative Kirkpatrick discusses mortgages and health care.
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John Stewart accepts the flag that had been flown over the Capitol from
Congresswoman Kirkpatrick in honor of his mother
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