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PCNC Gets Down to the Nitty Gritty

08 May 2008  
Prescott Capital Needs Committee offers preliminary prioritization of department projects.

pcnc2.jpgIt's taken weeks of PowerPoint presentations, sometimes heated discussions and gallons of iced tea. And, now it's coming together, as the Prescott Capital Needs Committee (PCNC), chaired by Tammy Linn, starts to consider what they consider to be the most important priorities for the City of Prescott.

Since February, the PCNC listened to presentations from the Police and Fire Departments, the Airport, Parks and Rec, the Rodeo Grounds and the Elks Theater. Requests ranged from $1 million (the Elks Theater) to over $55 million (Parks and Rec). All the presentations were finished on April 24. Then, over the last couple of weeks, according to Linn, the departments were asked to whittle down the requests to "...what is critical and necessary, and take out what you can."

And the departments did just that. Sharp pencils were applied to projects and projected numbers, with the result being a list of just 15 items. 

So, the first order of business was to think about what was most important, without regard to project cost. The committee completed that task yesterday (except for the 5 absent members), and then it was averaged out per item.

Here are the results, in order of priority. Please note that these results are preliminary, since five members of the committee were absent and have not provided their input yet:

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Downtown Fire Administration and Fire Station #76, Design, Construction, Equipment
Police Headquarters
Police and Fire Storage Building
Park Upgrades to include ramadas, drinking fountains. ADA, General Safety, lighting
Airline Terminal Final Design and Construction
Rodeo Grounds
Fire Department Training Center
Upgrade to Existing Shooting Range
Land Acquisition for Runway 3R-21L Extension Project
Willow/Watson Lake Fire Station #77 Design, Construction, Equipment
Elks Opera House
Capital Equipment - Includes mobile command and dispatch center, armored special tactics unit
Aquatic Center, Indoor/Outdoor facility
Recreation Center
80-100 Acre Park, fully designed and equipped as presented to committee
Aquatic Center, Outdoor only


You might be wondering what happened to the street upgrades? Linn says, "Streets were not in the mix of items that were prioritized for potential bonding. Even though the streets presentation was exceptional, showing a great need for improvements, it was the opinion of city staff that this should be covered in the 1% sales tax."

Next week, the committee will consider priorities again, this time taking into account the cost of each project. 

Lynne LaMaster

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