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Mesa Air Announces Early Departure

08 May 2008  
Mesa Air announces intent to cease service between Prescott and Phoenix as of August 4, 2008, due to financial hardships.

mesaairlines2.jpg(May 8, 2007, Prescott AZ) Tuesday evening, a facsimile document was forwarded to Mayor Jack Wilson from Jeff Ryskamp, Senior Director of Financial Planning for the Mesa Air Group out of Phoenix.

According to the correspondence, Air Midwest, Inc "respectfully serves notice upon the Department of Transportation, of its intent to discontinue scheduled subsidized Essential Air Service over Kingman, Prescott, and Phoenix. Termination of service will be effective, August 4, 2008."

At present, Air Midwest is the sole provider of certificated scheduled air service out of Kingman and Prescott, Arizona.

Upon reviewing the notice, Mayor Wilson stated, "We're looking at all options and will be working with the U.S. Department of Transportation to offer the citizens of Prescott the most convenient, safest transportation available."

Darrell Willis, Emergency Services Director for the City of Prescott, added that the termination of service was not in any way due to the relationship between Prescott Municipal Airport and Mesa Air. "This situation is a result of financial hardships facing Mesa and other smaller carriers in numerous markets around the country."

Mayor Wilson was emphatic in assuring the public that "We will be communicating with our community as the situation develops."