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June 23, 2018

Diversity Equals Racism

Real racism is an odious thing. 
June 23, 2018

Pushing Drugs, Flouting Borders

Solving the Opioid crisis must start at the root of the problem.
June 23, 2018

Opinion: What Were the Yavapai Republicans Thinking?

 What in the world were the leaders of Yavapai Republicans thinking? 
June 23, 2018

CASA for Kids Raises Over $10K

June 22, 2018

Murder Suspect in Custody

The story she told led law enforcement on a manhunt.

The teen had to stay overnight on the Butte due to weather conditions.

Watson Lake Trail Rescue

Prescott Fire Department rescues 70-year-old woman.

Flume Trail Rescue

Daring Rescue to Save Injured Man

Injured man rescued in early morning after receiving overnight supplies.

Like Bo the Australian Shepherd!

When the illegal aliens entered the mines, they encountered unexpected danger.

Grant of $125,000 Will Extend Efforts to Save More Animal Lives in Yavapai County

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol have seized contraband and drugs, rescued an injured man and discovered a tunnel.

Miniature Horse Rescued from Cattle Guard 

Granite Mountain Hikers Rescued Safely

Friday the 13th Rescue – Our busy volunteers to the Rescue again

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Events | Education News

20 June 2018
The Prescott Unified School District (PUSD) voted on their proposed updated budget package based on the new legislation that passed at the end of the session. Each school district in
14 June 2018
Monsoon rains are starting a bit early, but we’ll
11 June 2018
AD of the Year, top Sports Information and great
09 June 2018
It’s a 2600 mile, 4 day race through 15
02 June 2018
Local schools will get an increase in funding,

Features | Business & Tech | Sports

22 June 2018
Real racism is an odious thing.  A racist will not judge people by their actions or character, but only by their race, color, gender or ethnicity. Racists do not judge individuals, except
22 June 2018
Hot days on the Farm. Editor's Note: We are
22 June 2018
 What in the world were the leaders of
21 June 2018
Boursaw is the first time a Yavapai College
21 June 2018
A tomato is a tomato, right? One of the

Community News

21 June 2018
Making a difference in Prescott. The City of Prescott has worked hard this year to lead impactful initiatives that have a positive effect on our citizens, visitors and those in need. I
20 June 2018
The Arizona Office of Unemployment has released
17 June 2018
It’s been five years since the Granite
16 June 2018
Let’s go berry picking! Mortimer Farms
14 June 2018
Northern Arizona Council of Governments

Featured Videos

Murder Suspect in Custody
Murder Suspect in Custody

Source: After being lead on a manhunt, Prescott Police determined that the story told by Sharalyn Stura was false.

PUSD Teacher Raises
PUSD Teacher Raises

Prescott Unified School District votes to give teachers an 11% raise, along with a 10% classified staff raise and 5% for other employees in the district.

Bennett's Campaign: This is David & Goliath
Bennett's Campaign: This is David & Goliath

Ken Bennett talks about his campaign for Governor and some of the obstacles he's encountered.

Matthew Earl Jones, Arizona State Film Commissioner
Matthew Earl Jones, Arizona State Film Commissioner

Matthew Earl Jones discusses opportunities for filmmakers in Arizona. #GoFilmAZ