Today: Feb 22 , 2020

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Yep, everyone coming to this country is supposed to fill out customs forms. Even astronauts on a return trip from the moon.

About Baby Bees

Ken Lain this week wrote a column titled, "Bee Good to Your Garden." 

Bees are good for gardens and good for people.

 Yesterday, Donald Trump was in Phoenix discussing immigration. He struck a nerve, tapping into the frustration people feel about this issue that has been unsettled for so long. This documentary was published in October, 2014, but nothing has changed much. This video offers a glimpse into what is happening on the border.

Coolest Suitcase Ever

This has got to be the most awesome suitcase ever! Sure, they will be pretty pricey when introduced to the market, but here’s a trick to save some money. Invest in their KickStarter campaign, and you’ll get one for a reduced price when they are released. You’ll have to hurry, though, because the KickStarter campaign ends on July 15, and there are limited rewards available. 
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