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A Christmas Carol Spirit Arrives In Prescott

08 December 2016   Lewis LaMaster
Ebenezer Scrooge (r) has no idea that an encounter with the Ghost of Marley (l) will be such a life-changing experience.

On stage at a theatre near you: A Christmas Carol.

When Charles Dickens decided not to write a tract about helping the poor, he chose to reach the public with a short novel instead. Dickens resolved to, "strike a sledge hammer blow” in behalf of the poor. We know his efforts as the classic tale, “A Christmas Carol."

Here in Prescott, this holiday season brings us a production of A Christmas Carol that blends everything you have come to expect and a few things you don't. We meet Ebenezer Scrooge in his counting house, doing what he does best, checking the books, making sure his money is coming in. His hard working clerk, Bob Cratchit is trying to work despite having no heat. The cold-blooded Scrooge berates Cratchit. Then Scrooge turns his ill-temper on a nephew, some hapless carolers, and two businessmen who have the temerity to approach him for a donation to help those in poverty. 

Later that night, when his old dead partner appears, Scrooge seems curiously unconcerned. The Ghost of Marley warns Scrooge that three spirits are on their way to visit, in hopes of changing Scrooge's heart and alter his ways.

Scrooge, played very strongly by Carl Kennedy, finds his understanding of the meaning of Christmas and of life begins to change with the introduction of each Spirit. Bob Cratchit is played with kind tenderness by Robert Kaufman, while Mrs. Cratchit, Bob's wife, shows a bit of spunk and feistiness through Kathy Derry’s portrayal. Young Braylon Johnson, with his big eyes, and crystal clear voice, is a heartwarming Tiny Tim. 

The dismal condition of Jacob Marley is clearly seen through Salvatore Castricone’s performance. A pensive Christmas Past, played by Heather Heineman and a hearty Christmas Present (Sandy Vernon) cause Scrooge to see his life from a new and sometimes gloomy perspective. As Christmas Future (Mike Kenny) offers a glimpse into what will be, Scrooge comes to perceive that he has an opportunity to alter the future, should he decide to do so. 

In song and words the play reflects the reason for the season, as Scrooge discovers his own Christmas spirit. Held at the Prescott Center for the Arts, Director Parker Anderson has pulled together a remarkable cast to put on a stellar one-act performance of A Christmas Carol, complete with inspiring performances, Christmas carols and lots of holiday Spirits. 

If You Go:

What: A Christmas Carol

Where: Prescott Center for the Arts Theatre
208 N. Marina St, Prescott, AZ 86301

When: December 8-18, 2016

Times: Evening performances at 7:30 PM on Dec. 8, 10, 15, 16, 17

Matinees at 2 PM on Dec. 11, 17, 18

Tickets: Start at $10; purchase online here.