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The Show That Takes Many Turns (No Spoilers)

19 September 2016  

I'll be honest, it took some convincing from a friend before I finally sat down and watched this show. I did, in fact, judge a show by its cover. 

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BoJack Horseman is not the cartoon-y, low brow humor show that it first appears to be. While it is a cartoon, there is significantly more substance in this show then say, Family Guy. The first few episodes are what you would expect from a comedy TV show. They contain some humor and introduce the characters and the potential conflicts. However, about halfway through the season, the show takes quite a turn. 

Without spoiling too much, BoJack Horseman is a wealthy, washed up actor, who has every physical possession you could want, but he's not happy. Thus begins the journey to find something to fill the hole in his life. 

I really enjoyed the writing in this show. They do an excellent job of layering the drama of existential crises, with the right touch of comic relief. At times, the show can be gritty and hard, while the next scene could have you holding your side laughing. 

Each character is dynamic and developed in a way that is unique to themselves. There are even a few episodes where BoJack, the main character, is hardly in it. This may seem like a strange concept, but it helps you to connect with the supporting actors. This makes their interactions with BoJack all the more meaningful. 

The excellent voice acting cast is led by Will Arnett, who has an impressive voice acting record, as well as a in person appearances such as his role in Arrested Development. Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad), does an great job of voicing BoJack's sidekick Todd. The show also hosts a wide array of famous guest voices, including Olivia Wilde, J.K. Simmons and John Krasinski.

While it is a great show, I caution that it is rated R. If you're not up for something like that, then you might want to check out Stranger Things. I wrote a review on that a couple of weeks ago. It's another Netflix Original that is very well done. You can read that review here.

The dynamic of animals and people really is a new spin not done before, and it allows for some excellently timed animal puns. Oh yeah, did I not mention? Half the characters are animals, and half are humans.

One last thing, it's kind of a spoiler: Brace yourself for episode 11 of each season.

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Ryan Scissons

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