Today: Mar 30 , 2020


Movie Review: Bee Movie

In film industry parlance a B Movie is a low budget-scant production value-unknown actor-type film... Bee Movie had a significant budget and a well-known cast, and yet Seinfeld did indeed manage to create the first ever $150 million dollar B movie.
At the Big Brothers Big Sisters picnic, with tears of happiness, Gene described how by an amazing coincidence he found his beloved pet “d.O.g.” there, after years of separation. A former neighbor brought the animal to the event, and Gene spotted the gentle dog.
Dylan is a bright and introspective 13 year-old who has been waiting for a “Big” for about 2 years!

Scholarship Toolkit: Certifications

Not everyone wants to know why there are black holes in space, how to solve Riemann's Hypothesis, or what Shakespeare's psychological state was when he wrote, “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.”
Prescott Valley has received quite a bit of national attention lately, both from selling effluent and for their National Night Out participation.

Catching Up With Author David Quinn

David M. Quinn started out on a journey to discover his family’s roots, and ended up with a thought provoking and historically accurate novel. “It May Be Forever” is the story of David’s great, great uncle Michael Quinn. Michael Quinn was born in Ireland but poverty drove the family to England, where at the age of 8, he was working in a cotton mill.