Today: Mar 30 , 2020


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The Town is partnering with the Arizona Sundogs and Tim’s Toyota Center to provide special Arizona Sundog ticket packages that will include skate vouchers for“Skate with the Sundogs” on New Year’s Eve!
My inauguration would not occur until November 27, but some issues would not wait. One of those was the debate swirling around illegal immigrants and day laborers in Prescott.
The traditional lighting of the Civic Center grounds and Holiday Tree takes place on November 30, 2007 at approximately 5:30pm.

The Definition of a Good Wine

Some wine terms are vague, confusing or both and as complex and intimidating as the subject on wine can be, I think a little explanation is called for.
For now we’ll just ask, why does a student choose a particular college and then put in all that hard work to convince their parents that this is their dream school which will put them on the fast track to life-long success?

Poppy Seed Turkey

Got some turkey that didn't get eaten on Thanksgiving? No problem, try this casserole, Poppy Seed Turkey. Quick to assemble, it's a nice break after all the cooking on Thursday!