Today: Sep 17 , 2019


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Last week we covered the “Arizona Board of Regents High Honors Tuition Waiver Scholarship”. This scholarship is offered by the state to students who “exceed the standards” on all three AIMS tests.
Hailey is seeking a Big Sister of any age, someone who understands what it is to be a 13-year-old girl – or more importantly, what it takes to become a woman, a good woman.

AIMS Tests = Free College Tuition?

Yes, it's true.  There is a very nice financial incentive for doing well on the AIMS (Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards) test.
The survey results will be included in a final report that Town officials may use in planning and budgeting for the future.
I counsel my students to quit their jobs and start doing volunteer work... For every dollar you earn, you lose .85 cents in the FAFSA award.

Lucy Mason: "We Are Partners, You and I"

Prescott eNews is thrilled to have Lucy Mason as a columnist. "We are partners you and I, and I look forward to hearing your concerns, questions, and what you want to hear about the most," writes Mason.