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What to Do With a Pile of Regulations?

Regulations, zoning codes, impact fees... what's a councilman to do? lamersonregulations2

Strange Bedfellows

Make no mistake: SRP lawyers will be doing the arguing on behalf of those who are appealing ADWR's decision, and writing their legal briefs as well.

A New Perspective Buoyed By Facts

Sometimes, your perspective changes when you take the actual facts into account, right? talk_of_the_town_thumb

Riding the Real Estate Market Cycle

Save now and look for bargains - values are out there.

How Would You Stimulate the Economy?

How to stimulate the economy? How to get things moving again? Two different perspectives on that very important question.

Coming to a Decision on Priorities

Sometimes you've just gotta put your foot down. Make a decision.  Find a plan and stick to it. Prioritize.