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Gas Prices 15¢/g Higher Than a Year Ago

Gas prices are higher than they were a year ago, but not as high as they were in 2015.

August Single Family Home Sales Spike Year Over Year According to Assessor Pearsall

Prices dropped slightly, but could be rising in the near future.

Arizona Weekly Fuel Update and Outlook

Arizona gas prices rose slightly, but are still lower than much of the nation.

Gas Prices Rise in AZ and Nation

Most of the Country Will Spend Much of the Summer in the $2’s this Year

Gas Prices Take Slight Dip

Gas Prices Rose 1¢ Last Week

Gas prices inched up on average about 1¢ last week
Gas prices didn’t move last week, with an average of $2.13 per gallon for regular. 

Gas Prices Continue Upwards Trend

Prices are 27.7¢ higher than they were a month ago
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