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CWAG February Meeting Looks at Granite Dells

01 March 2018   Prescott Media Center

Granite Dells and the Arizona Eco Development annexation.

In the February 10th CWAG monthly meeting, “Granite Dells: A Threatened Community Resource,” the question of the proposed Arizona Eco Development annexation is examined. Will it impact popular trails and riparian habitat in the Granite Dells? What role can and should area citizens play in ensuring protection of the ecological, hydrological, archeological, historical, recreational, and aesthetic values of the unique 1.4 billion-year-old Granite Dells? Naturalist, artist, photographer, and Prescott College professor Walt Anderson describes the wildlife and open space values of the riparian habitat along Granite Creek below the Watson Lake Dam and of the Peavine and Iron King Trails, which go through the heart of the Granite Dells. 

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Next Meeting: Saturday, March 10, 10AM-12PM

Location: Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Davis Hall, 882 Sunset Avenue, Prescott (2 blocks behind True Value).