Today: Mar 26 , 2019

San Martin Rodriguez sits down with Ken Lain to talk events, Monster trucks and gardening, of course. 

Watters Garden Center Podcast

Outdoor gardening made easier with the Mountain Gardener!

How to plant, grow, and use herbs.Easy-to-grow herbs.Best herbs for local landscapes.Top 5 herbs for a mountain garden.

How to use rosemary, an easy-to-grow herb. Rosemary for cooking and for fragrant décor around the house.

Prescott Frontier Rotary's Fundraiser Breaks All-Time Record at Watters Garden Center

Release ladybugs in your garden for all-natural pest control.

It’s the best opportunity you’ll ever have to see raptors up close and very personal.

DIY landscaping tips, tricks and resources.

 Best 6 plants that help you sleep better.  How they affect your sleep habits.  

Always forgetting to water? These varieties are perfect matches for their absent minded owner

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