Today: Jan 23 , 2020

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You're Either In or Out

Baseball's not the only game in town where you can get thrown out. youroutthumb

Could the problem in City Hall be that the thinking inside the hallowed halls is a little bit skewed? bluebird3

Holsum Steve Blair

Steve Blair - his friends know that Prescott's local bread deliverer wants nothing more than to serve the whole community. holsum3

Ain't No Money

Sometimes reality bites. But, it appears that the ability to spend, spend, spend has been greatly compromised.aintnomoney3
Will genuine qualified and assured bids be a thing of the past, now that the City Manager can approve up to 10% in overruns?qualifiedassured3
Don't worry, when we run out of open space here around Prescott, there's plenty more on the moon! Might be a little pricey, though... osa2