Today: Apr 04 , 2020

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It might behoove a candidate to remember that there's a large percentage of "seasoned citizens" (aka voters) that live right here in Prescott, AZ.oldpeoplecomment3


Cartoons Are A Very Pressing Concern

The City is dealing with a lot of critical issues: declining revenues, State sweeps, lawsuits, election challenges - and cartoons?drawingcartoons3

25-30% Isn't That Bad, Is It?

Fractions, percentages - it's no big deal, right? Except to the animals, that is.inconvenient3
The 'Big Fish' has an awful lot of people in his corner. bigfish3

Another Candidate Steps Forward

She's fresh and energetic. And she's stepping up to help her community in any way she can. thanks3
Developing a strong voter base is an important step in collecting enough signatures to run for election.millervalleyroad3