Today: Apr 10 , 2020


It's a Matter of Leadership


Surely, it's just a friendly reminder!

How To Budget for Pet Projects

With the budget discussions coming up, a lot of pet projects just might be, errr... set aside.dance3

Are You Getting All Sides of the Story?

It's always worthwhile to keep an "open ear".


Bird Strikes and Wildlife Assessments

How to take care of wildlife at the airport? birdstrikes3

Time for A Focus on Priorities

When driving along in the City of Prescott, sometimes there's just one thing you can say. fixroads3


He Is Who He Is

It's pretty easy to see straight through some people, especially when they don't try to hide who they are.

City Manager Steve Norwood Is In For a Long Year

We don't always get what we wish for, do we?stevetexas3


It's A Great New Year


There will be some challenges but outlook is cheery for the new year.

Keeping Politicians On The Run Isn't Always Hard


Not all politicians are only looking for ways to spend your money.

Learning from the Mentor


Everyone can use a bit of mentoring to help stay on the right track.

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