Today: May 28 , 2020

Opinion: Congressional Term Limits Just One Floor Vote Away

07 May 2019   Constantin Querard

Is GOP Leadership Standing In The Way?

While Arizona voters overwhelmingly support Term Limits for members of Congress, it hasn't been easy getting the Resolution past the Arizona Senate.  Last year the measure passed the House and died on the last day because Senate President Steve Yarbrough refused to bring it up for a vote, even though the votes were there to pass it.  This year the measure has support from 14 Senate Republicans and 3 Senate Democrats have signed written pledges to the voters of their district promising to support it, giving the bill 1 more vote than the 16 needed for passage, but Senate Majority Leader Rick Gray (R-21) and Senate President Karen Fann (R-1) are blocking the bill from getting a final vote.

"It is frustrating to have an idea that is supported by probably 80% of Arizona voters across party lines blocked by just one or two people who happen to have the power to kill bills without a vote, but we know that is a part of the process." said Bob Berry, who works with US Term Limits and has spent considerable time in Arizona this year trying to pass the bill.  "With all of the bickering that is common at State Legislatures around the country, having a bill that enjoys bi-partisan support ought to be welcome news, particularly if it is going to bring much needed reform to a dysfunctional US Congress." Berry added.

Berry pointed out that there is nothing that advocates can do to force President Fann to bring the measure to the floor for a vote other than making their voices heard and hoping she will listen to the voters themselves.  Voters can call Fann's office at (602) 926-5874.

"Politicians tend to protect the status quo because they have been successful under it, so it is up to We The People to remind them that they work for us and that we want and our country needs real reform now.”