Today: Jun 01 , 2020

Opinion: Let's Remember

18 August 2017   Jim Lamerson

Prescott is a great place to live.

Prescott hasn’t always been known as an ideal place to live, but in the decades that I’ve lived here I’ve seen the City grow by tens of thousands. Some come for the great climate, others to escape Californian captivity, and some who are born and raised here choose to stay and grow a family. And, if you’re like me, you came for a whole host of reasons including to start a business and bring a family to a small town atmosphere.

In the past 8 months alone, the City has received 10 accolades from sources such as Time Magazine, Sunset Magazine, USA Today, the American Lung Association, and Expedia Viewfinder. These recognitions include “Top 13 Happiest and Healthiest Communities,” “#1 Place to Live in the Southwest,” “Top 5 Visitor Destinations in Arizona,” “#1 Cleanest Air in the Nation,” “One of the Coolest Downtowns in North America,” and “Best Destination in Arizona for Nature Lovers.” It is no surprise that Prescott is recognized for these and much more. 

The City has made great strides to help create an environment where such accolades are possible without diminishing our small town character and historical western atmosphere. We work towards creating a business-friendly environment, making sure we stay out of the way to allow businesses to come, stay, and grow. We have worked hard towards regulating sober living homes so that residents of those homes are safe and protected and that the integrity of our neighborhoods remains intact. We have improved City services and created efficiencies to save the taxpayers’ money. We provide exceptional recreation services to sports and outdoor enthusiasts; and the overall quality of life enjoyed by residents and visitors alike comes from excellent services from police and fire, streets, water and wastewater, the airport, and solid waste just to name a few. 

As another election season winds down I’d like to express my appreciation to all of those who took the time to study the issues and candidates. I truly appreciate all of the candidates for having the courage and commitment to serve our great community. All of us, the candidates included, are individuals with personal opinions and ideas, likes and dislikes. Prescott affords all of us the opportunity to be the best we can be with our personal work ethic, dedication, honesty, and core values. I’m proud to have met all of the candidates for City Council and Mayor. They are true examples of why Prescott has been given all of those wonderful accolades. Let’s remember how great of a place this is to live and let’s work together to continue the positive forward momentum.