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Opinion: Phil Goode Denies Advocating for City of Prescott Bankruptcy

19 July 2017   Phil Goode

"All possible options for dealing with our PSPRS unfunded liability should be reviewed…"

On a Friday morning radio show  City Council member and Mayoral candidate Jean Wilcox stated that on three separate occasions, in front of the city council, “Phil Goode advocated for bankruptcy” for the city of Prescott.

Let me be crystal clear: I have NEVER advocated for bankruptcy for the City of Prescott. I do not now nor never have in the past made such a statement.

So for Jean Wilcox to make such a statement publically on the air means she either has a defective memory or she is making an intentionally false charge.

In either case, this is NOT the kind of person we would want representing our city as Mayor.

A similar charge was made by Steve Blair several months ago on the radio but at least I was allowed to call in and refute that claim. I have tried on a couple of occasions recently to call in to radio shows and correct erroneous information but was told that I would not be allowed on the air since I was a “candidate” and any air time would not be allowed due to “equal time” provisions under FCC rules.

What I did say to the council was that all possible options for dealing with our PSPRS unfunded liability should be reviewed so that the best possible option or combinations of options could be engaged. I stand by those statements and you know my position on Proposition 443 where I have advocated for the better options to be chosen by the city to address this problem.

Phil Goode, Candidate City Council 
City of Prescott