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Letter to the Editor: Don't Continue the 'Tax Creep'

17 May 2016   Jim Lamerson

The new alarm ordinance is just another tax disguised as fees.

Watching the sequence of legislative action recommended by City staff for Council approval causes serious questions surrounding bureaucratic curriculum and incentive. 

“If today our action employs among its different weapons that of parliament, that is not to say parliamentary parties exist only for parliamentary ends. For us parliament is not an end itself, but merely a means to an end.” This comment was delivered September 23, 1930 by Adolf Hitler during a speech in Munich. 

The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution affords citizens the right to keep and bear arms in order to defend themselves and their property. Arms is a subjective portrait. Rather than guarding life, liberty and property with guns, some citizens choose to protect themselves, their freedom and their property with alarms. Municipal taxation on businesses and citizens for exercising constitutionally assured rights is offensive. It makes as much sense to me as City registration and permitting fees for gun possession and ownership in the city limits. It appears this is where Prescott is heading. 

Instead of expanding the alarm ordinance with “tax creep” disguised as fees on innocent alarm owners as suggested in this week’s packet, I suggest repealing the ordinance altogether. Tax people, businesses, governmental agencies, schools, institutions, etc for burdening behavior including “false” alarms summoning unnecessary police and or fire resources. It’s offensive taxing citizens for merely being or choosing to own something. Exemptions are a subsidy. Everyone should be taxed equally including business licensing, automobile and bicycle licensing, animal licensing, etc., etc., etc. Where and when it will stop doesn’t appear in sight any time soon. The system is in a never-ending feeding frenzy. 

James Madison wrote in the National Gazette March 29, 1792, “As a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights.” The city is treading upon individual freedom and private property rights in the name of proclaimed privilege. 

God-given inalienable rights launched a revolution establishing a form of government constitutionally assuring those rights. Millions of U.S. military men and women have been maimed or died defending our liberty. Everyone in government takes an oath of office swearing to defend our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

“No Socialist system can be established  without a political police… They would have to fall back on some form of Gestapo.” - Stated during a BBC radio broadcast in 1945 by Sir Winston Churchill.