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Mayor Kuykendall Visits Yavapai Exceptional Industries

02 January 2010  

Mayor Marlin Kuykendall chooses to visit Yavapai Exceptional Industries  on the last day of the year.

yeigroupSo, are you wondering where Prescott Mayor Marlin Kuykendall and his wife Tana spent New Year's Eve?

Well, I happened to call Mayor Kuykendall to ask him a quick question, but before I could get my words out, he said with great enthusiasm, "I'm here at Yavapai Exceptional Industries with Brad Newman, and you ought to come down and see what a great workplace they have here."

So, with an invitation like that, what else could I do? I jumped in the car and drove on down, of course. I even brought two of my sons, thinking it might be an eye-opening opportunity for them.

Mayor Kuykendall had come to meet with Executive Director Brad Newman and get a personal tour of the Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI) facility in Prescott. Located on Washington Street, not too far from Yavapai College, developmentally disabled adults are given a job, a paycheck, and, most important of all, respect and affection.

On YEI Works, it states:

"Today, with over 150 employees, YEI! is known in Non Profit circles as a place where developmentally disabled adults can find gainful employment and a sense of personal pride. We are proud to be recognized as a highly respected resource, garnering awards year after year for creating challenging work environments as well as a host of volunteer opportunities for our work force.

"When our employees are finished with work, many of them are transported to volunteer posts around the community: the Public Library, Yavapai Regional Medical Center, Prescott Child Development Center among the many programs that benefit from our brand of community service. Through this program, our folks know that they are vital and valued members of our community.

"Most Non Profits rely primarily on grants, gala fund raisers and charitable contributions. Though YEI! has been the beneficiary of numerous generous bequests over the years, we are really all about work for hire."

When this reporter called Mayor Kuykendall to ask a question, he said, "I'm here at Yavapai Exceptional Industries with Brad Newman, and you ought to come down and see what a great workplace they have here."

After greeting the employees while touring the Prescott facility, Mayor Kuykendall stopped to explain why he wanted to visit YEI on the last day of the year:

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You can look forward to further information about YEI in the upcoming year. But, in the meantime here at Prescott eNews we want to add our Happy New Year greeting to the Mayor's, and offer our commitment to bringing you the best local news in town.


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