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Editorial: This Election is a Celebration of Our Freedom

01 November 2009  

A discussion of our freedom - includes a video from the past.

makeminefreedomWe've just put up a story up which recaps the campaign and election for the Prescott City Council race, and other issues that popped up during 2009. See: Recapping The 2009 Prescott Council Election Campaign

All of these antics and twists and turns in this election, reminds me of the fact that we live in a country where we have the freedom to vote; and that includes the freedom to question and challenge and protest and even get the courts involved as a mediator if necessary.

Councilman Jim Lamerson noted at last Tuesday's council meeting that our soldiers are in Afghanistan and Iraq right now, fighting and dying for that freedom.

A reader sent me this cartoon recently. It was created in 1948, and it's a little dated, but a lot of fun. The issues may be different, but, then again, maybe they're not. In my opinion, the overall message is timeless.

I hope you'll take time to watch it, and offer your comments - whether you agree or disagree. Because we're allowed to disagree, yes, we're even encouraged to disagree.

After all, it's part of our freedom.


Editor's note: It may take a few moments to show up, so be patient. If this doesn't embed properly, you can click on this link: Make Mine Freedom.

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