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Opinion: It's Not Diversity, It's Perversity

19 August 2019  

What are your thoughts about ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’?

Some things you will never see or read in the mainstream media. You will only know about these news items if you watch Fox News, read conservative websites, online news sources or listen to talk radio. The main reason you will never see these on the main stream media, is because the elites and progressives don't want the general public to be aware of them. Most people, regardless of their political bent, would be outraged at the way the left is attempting to move our culture away from the constancy of the nuclear family and toward instability and perversity.

Libraries across the country are hosting what are called “Drag Queen Story Hour”. Under the veil of diversity, men, dressed up as women, often flamboyantly, read stories to children. The ages of the children range anywhere from toddlers to teens. When one of the hosts on Fox News asked one of the advocates about this degenerate program, if he thought it might be improper having female impersonators reading to preteens, his response was that they had educators, child behaviorists and other experts go over the reading materials to make sure they were “age appropriate”. 

As a conservative with a libertarian leaning, I generally don't care what people do in their own homes, out of public view with other consenting adults. This isn't about adults and it is in full public view. Furthermore, as a taxpayer, I support libraries, but I don't want them used to indoctrinate, brainwash or introduce children to perversions that most humans wouldn't encounter until late teens, at the earliest. 

Diversity is the all encompassing means that the far left uses to surreptitiously introduce otherwise unpopular, counter cultural, anti-family and perverse ideas into our society. Under a veil of terms such as “tolerance,” “acceptance” and “welcoming,” the progressives are attempting to change our culture into some freakish circus that does not resemble what our country represents. It is so insidious that they are doing this with our children. Their motto must be “Get 'em while they're young.” The left's object is to indoctrinate the kids into thinking that this behavior is normal. It's not, and the vast majority of thinking adults know that. 

Using the same diversity scam, teachers in California are being encouraged to introduce kids as young as kindergarteners to the idea of “gender identity.” So if a preschooler's parent takes the child to a local library for the “Drag Queen Story Hour” and when that child is in kindergarten, the teacher talks about gender identity, is that child going to have a healthy idea of what a male or female is in real life or is that five or six year old going to be confused? With whole public school populations being so indoctrinated, will there be more or fewer transsexuals, transvestites and drag queens? The answer seems obvious, that there would be more confused children heading in that direction. With the much higher suicide rates in those groups, does anyone think that they are happy and well adjusted? 

Why would anyone want to condemn an untold number of our children to a life of confusion, maladjustment and sadness? Most people wouldn't. Those that do push these degeneracies onto kids, don't care about their happiness, security or future. They are willing to sacrifice children on the altar of diversity. 

No wonder many of our public schools are failing.

Buz Williams

Richard F. "Buz" Williams was born into a police family.  His father, both grandfathers, a great uncle and a cousin were all on the Los Angeles Police Department and he also had an uncle on the Hawthorne, California Police Department.  Buz served for 29 years on the Long Beach, California Police Department were he worked Patrol, Juvenile, Vice, Auto Theft and Gangs.  He retired in December of 2002.  Buz has been married to his wife Judi for 44 years.  They have two grown sons who live in Southern California with their families, which include two daughter-in-laws, three grandsons and a granddaughter.  Buz and Judi have lived in Prescott since 2004.