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Opinion: The Progressive Playbook

30 September 2018   Buz Williams

The progressive playbook is even more refined when it comes to elections.

What a surprise. A week before Brett Kavanaugh is to be voted on by the Senate to the United States Supreme Court, the progressive Democrats have found a woman, a leftist college professor, (another surprise), who claims that the proposed justice attempted to rape her when they were both in high school some three decades ago. At first, the woman wanted to maintain her anonymity, but then decided her civic duty was to come forward and identified herself as Christine Blasey Ford.

Please pardon those who are not surprised. As Yogi Berra would say, it's “Deja Vu all over again.” If this scenario seems familiar, it should. This has been in the progressive's playbook for election strategy and judicial confirmations since at least the Clarence Thomas hearings. It probably started sometime prior to that.

Before Justice Thomas could be confirmed by the Senate, the progressives found Anita Hill. She claimed, that as her boss, he somehow sexual harassed her. The only memorable accusation she made was that Thomas once made the statement that it looked like there was a pubic hair in his coke. To progressives that should have been enough to stop his confirmation. To the rest of us, though, this was just a lame attempt to stop the confirmation of a very qualified justice.

The playbook is even more refined when it comes to elections. The Democrats have developed the “October surprise” into an art. They obtain some scandalous information on a Republican candidate. It doesn't even have to be true as long as it is possible and/or believable. If it is true, so much the better. The key is to keep the information under wraps until just before the election, when there won't be enough time to refute it in the minds of the voters before election day.

In 2000, the progressives waited until weeks before the election to release the information about George W. Bush having been arrested once for drunk driving. Unfortunately for the left, the release of this subject matter did not do enough damage to the campaign to keep Bush out of the White House. The Democrats and Gore were forced to go to court and count chads in a futile and “inconvenient” attempt to get Gore the presidency.

When John McCain was the Republican standard bearer in 2008, the left came up with an unsubstantiated story about a long affair with a woman, not his wife. It was an unnecessary “surprise” since McCain was not a good candidate and ran a poor campaign.

Mitt Romney was the victim of the progressives skulduggery in 2012. In an election that should have been a runaway for the Republicans, considering the state of the economy, the Benghazi scandal and the Fast and Furious scandal among others. Again, a less than perfect candidate, was caught on tape, by a leftest implanted spy, making statements that the Democrats and a colluding press spun as “racist”. Other remarks and policies were described as sexist.

Then came Donald Trump in 2016. The Democrats were ecstatic. Here was a non-politician, who was famous, married three times and had a reputation as a playboy. They just knew that there had to be a treasure trove of dirt they could dig up on him for their October surprise in this election. On October 7, 2016, through their friends at the Washington Post, an audio tape was released from an Access Hollywood show recorded 11 years earlier. On this recording, Trump making crude statements about women that is often heard in men's locker rooms. Apparently, the voters, particularly in Middle America, didn't really care. Maybe they had been persuaded by the Democrat party arguments during the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, that it was just about sex and shouldn't be considered in elections. It doesn't matter, Trump won the Constitutionally mandated number of electoral votes.

Now, California Senator Feinstein comes forward with a letter accusing Judge Kavanaugh of what is essentially an attempt rape, that allegedly occurred some thirty years ago. This information is released the week before a vote is scheduled on Kavanaugh's qualification to become a Supreme Court Justice. Senator Feinstein had this information in July. This is a thinly disguised attempt to postpone the vote until after the midterm election, which the left thinks they will win. Kavanaugh has strongly denied the allegation. A public Senate hearing was televised with both Kavanaugh and his accuser, Dr. Ford, giving their stories. As I write this column, it looks like the Judicial Committee will vote to send Judge Kavanaugh's nomination to the full Senate for confirmation. It looks likely that he will be confirmed and can start serving on the Supreme Court.

This comic farce, that the Democrats put Judge Kavanaugh and the country through, shows the desperation they are feeling. They cannot and have not convinced voters to they way of thinking on a variety of issues: gay marriage, paying for public benefits for persons in the country illegally, transsexual restrooms and locker rooms, fining bakers and florists who exercise their freedom of religion right to refuse to make a cake or a bouquet for a ceremony that violates their religious beliefs. The people have voted against the progressive agenda, time and time again. The progressives don't care what the people want or vote for. They have always depended on the courts to impose their agenda on an unwilling populace. A Supreme Court with Justice Kavanaugh sitting on it, sounds the death knell to government by Judicial fiat and back to a government of the people, by the people and for the people.