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Why The Left Is Acting So Unstrung

22 July 2018  

Buz Williams offers his perspective on political leftists.

The political leftists in the United States today are almost universally globalists. Over the last decades they have morphed from liberals to what they are today, radical leftists globalists. Few will openly declare this affiliation because it is not an issue that will win elections. Most Americans still think of themselves as, well, Americans. The globalists believe that they have irrevocably indoctrinated the next generation of millennials and that globalism it the wave of the future. The election and reelection of President Obama only reenforced this belief.

Few have a belief in any religion, and so they place all of their “faith” in egalitarian, global humanism. These views have little distinction from Marxism and international communism but they cloak it under the mantel of progressivism. While they won't openly admit it, they support policies that diminish the United States politically, financially, internationally and internally. They think of themselves as part of the “international community”, not as Americans. That is why the Obama Administration, Democrats and the left leaning main steam media, explained away the Obama era poor economic growth, trade deficits, little or no job growth and wage stagnation as the “new normal” in a “global” economy.

Eight years of Obama made them think that they have won the culture war. His radical liberal court appointees have legislated the globalists' agenda without benefit of enacting laws or amending the Constitution. Whether the issue is gay marriage, transsexual bathrooms, voter ID or any of a dozen other issues that couldn't get passed in elections, the progressives found judges to legislate or create Constitutional rights out of thin air.

The right to life is specifically stated in the Declaration of Independence. Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution is there enumerated a “right to privacy” that would preclude the states or federal governments from making abortion illegal. The progressives wanted abortion to be legal. Prior to Roe v Wade, only a very few states had passed laws that allowed abortions in the most restricted circumstances.

That wasn't good enough for the left, so they took their case all the way to the Supreme Court. They couldn't get laws passed in most of the states. They couldn't get a Constitutional Amendment passed through the Amendment procedure, because a majority of the elected officials and their constituents were opposed to abortion. Since democratic and Constitutionally correct ways to change laws wouldn't work for them, the progressives went to an activist Supreme Court which created a right that was no where to be found in our laws or Constitution. This violated the separation of powers that is the foundation of our government, but the activist Justices and the progressives didn't care. They have taken the same road with gay marriage, immigration laws and any other unpopular ideas that are on their agenda to foist on an unreceptive citizenry.

With a sympathetic media and judiciary that would interpret the Constitution as a “living, breathing” document that could mean whatever they wanted it to mean, the globalists saw nothing but blue skies and smooth sailing ahead. Then they were hit with by a typhoon. Donald Trump was nominated by the Republicans and defeated their Saul Alinsky follower, Hillary Clinton.

Make no mistake, the Obama, Clinton, John Kerry Democrat Party was the triumph of the radicals from the 1960s. When President-elect, Barack Obama said he was going to fundamentally change America, he was dead serious. With eight, or even just four years of judicial appointees by a President Hillary Clinton they would have succeeded. The United States would have become, at best, just another mediocre socialist leaning country.

With Trump's appointment of Constitutional, strict constructionist judges, including the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the left now knows that their globalist agenda has been set back at least a generation, if not forever in this country. President Trump's economic and deregulation policies are working so well to increase wages, improve business opportunities and squash unemployment, the left sees that their hold on millennials, minorities, women and immigrants is loosening. If the Trump Republicans are able to investigate and prosecute those who commit voter fraud and win cases regarding voter identification, the Democrats know they will be loosing more elections.

The leftist globalists response is an undeclared, low grade civil war on President Trump, his Administration and his voters. This is backfiring. More Americans are getting turned off by the violence of the Antifa radicals, the bellicosity of Maxine Waters and the profanity of the anti Trump celebrity elites like Jim Carey, Robert DeNiro, and George Lopez, just to name a few. There is no public support for the radicals that harass members of the Trump Administration in public and at restaurants.

By these antics, and with Trump's economic and diplomatic successes, the Democrats wishful “blue wave” is likely to turn into a red tsunami.