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The Buz Blog: Do Charges of Racism Mean Anything Anymore?

15 July 2018  

Political correctness dictates that if one disagrees with the progressives’ stance on immigration, that person must be a racist.

I don't know if Aesop fables are taught in school today, but they should be. These stories impart wisdom that is useful in every day life. The fable about the boy who cried wolf exemplifies what is happening in our politically correct times, especially regarding the ubiquitous charges of racism. If one disagrees with the progressives' stance on immigration, that person is labeled a racist by left politicians and the main stream media. 

If an individual uses indisputable statistics that show that some 72% or higher of black children are born out of wedlock and that fatherless boys commit the majority of crime, truth doesn't matter to the left. That individual will be vilified and branded as a racist. Point to the fact that the bulk of terrorist acts are committed by radical Muslims and facts will have no bearing on any discussion about terror; you will be declared a racist. 

The charge of racism is so onerous that it used to suppress the speech of those with opinions of which the accuser disagreed. Surely that is the intent of leftest progressives. After so many accusations of racism, the majority of people started to listen or read what caused these charges of racial bias. Most realized that these race complaints had little or no validity. Like the villagers who had responded to the shepherd boy's cry of “wolf” that had no basis in fact, people stopped listening to these false criticisms.

Many of those so falsely accused of being racists, have the courage to continue expressing their views and back up those views with facts. It would be my guess that the majority of the citizens who now hear charges of racism, disregard them out of hand. Often these complaints are not backed up by any information. When one checks the quote or action that is supposedly racist, there is found to be little veracity to the charge. 

Why, then, do the so-called progressives continue to emit the racism wolf cry, since it apparently isn't working anymore? It hasn't shut down opposing speech and most people aren't believing them anymore. Like the shepherd boy, the left can't help themselves. The racist charges worked for them for so long, and were backed up by a left leaning press, that they keep continuing to do what worked in the past. They fail to take into consideration that with the advent of the internet and cable news, many individuals are getting their information and facts from sources that don't support their agenda. The majority of the population now can get all sides of an issue and determine if a statement or action is racist or not. Facts are facts and not racist. 

The worst result of the specious racists charges, is that if everything is declared racist, than real racism is much harder to see and much more difficult to combat. When actual racist statements or actions occur, people are forced to ask themselves if this just another cry of “wolf”?