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Sales, Menus & Recipes: It’s Frozen Food Month

04 March 2020  

It’s Frozen Food Month—And Friday March 6 is Frozen Food Day

Of course, people have known forever that cooling food products retards spoilage. Various methods have been used, such as food caches in areas where low winter temperatures will keep meat frozen for several months in winter, root cellars where vegetables are kept below ground where they will get lower temperatures and higher humidity, and ice houses, where ice frozen on ponds and lakes can be kept insulated for later use in ice boxes. 

Modern refrigeration was first explored in about 1755 to 1855, when experiments began with compressed gasses, such as ether and ammonia. In 1856 James Harrison, a Scottish Australian patented the first successful system, used for commercial refrigeration. His first customers were breweries and meat packers. 

Home refrigerators, first marketed in 1913,  at first had freezing as an incidental byproduct, and the freezing area was only large enough to accommodate a couple of ice cube trays. Rapid development in the 20’s and 30’s and the introduction of freon, a much safer gas, led to the introduction, in 1940, of the separate ice compartment and to stand alone home freezers.

So clean out your freezer, watch out for sales this month on all kinds of frozen foods, and stock up.

Here are some good freezer ideas:

Don’t Forget Wednesday March 4 is Senior Discount Day at Fry’s and Safeway

Sales This Week


Digital Coupons, use up to 5 times. Featured this week: Kettle Chips, $1.49 with digital coupon, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, $2.99/each. Spend $40 on select cleaning supplies, Save $ 10. Also some Friday and Saturday only Digital Coupons, Prego Pasta Sauce $.99/each, Shrimp, $9.98/2 lb bag, EX EZ Peel


Special Digital Coupon This Week, General Mills Cereals, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Honey Nut Cheerios Only $.25/box, limit 2. Look for special deals on frozen foods, Red Baron Pizzas, $2.99/each, select varieties , Banquet cooked sausages $.99/each.


20% off ALL FROZEN FOODS. Everything from Ice Cream to Frozen Seafood, Meat, Fruit, Vegetables. If It’s FROZEN its 20% off.

YES!  You Can Make it Yourself

Maple Pecan Granola

Dessert Sauces

Salted Caramel Sauce

Chocolate Sauce

Peanut Butter Dessert Sauce

National Days This Week

3/4/20—Pound Cake Day (pour a dessert sauce over)
3/6/20—Frozen Food Day AND Oreo Cookie Day
3/7/20—Cereal Day
3/9/20—Meatball Day

Recipes for another chilly week.

 LIke meatballs but find them too fiddly and time consuming? Try this:

Baked Ziti, Vegetarian Recipe 

Use no meat marinara, home made or jar.

Or if you want meat, brown some Italian Sausage and/or ground beef and layer it in with the cheese.

Eye of Round Pot Roast

Could also use Chuck

Rice Salad Makes a Nice Side Dish

But where’s the Avocado?

Cook Grains in your Instant Pot

This shows wheat but you could use faro or hulled barley.

Use rinsed and cooled grains to sub for rice in salads.

Pound Cake

Oreo Pie (No Bake)

Best Bargains This Week


Beef—BOGO Eye of Round, boneless, whole in bag
Beef—$5.77/lb, New York Steaks, boneless
Ground Beef—$6.94/2 lb pkg
Bacon—$2.50/12 oz pkg, Bar-s
Fish—$5.99/lb, Fresh Tilapia or Catfish fillets
Fish, 25% off all Private Selection Smoked Salmon 
Bell Peppers OR English Cucumbers—$.77/each, red, yellow, orange
Tomatoes—$1.29/lb, on-the-vine
Salad Greens—$3/5 oz bag, simple truth, (O)
Frozen Vegetables—$1/bag, Birdseye or Kroger, select varieties


Ground Beef—$3.99/lb, 93% lean, value pack
Pork—$1.97/lb, Assorted Pork Loin, Chops, Shoulder Chops or Country Style Ribs
Chicken—$.97/lb, Split breasts, Drumsticks, Thighs or Leg Quarters
Fish—$15.998/2 lb bag, Shrimp, Raw EZ Peel
Tomatoes—$2.50/10 oz pkg, Cherubs (mini)
Berries—$5/each large pack, Strawberries, 2 lb, Blueberries or Raspberries, 12-18 oz.
Oranges—$.99/lb, Large, navel
Grapes—$.97/lb, red or green
Oreo Cookies—$1.99/each, When You Buy 3, alsoRitz and Nabisco crackers
Ice Cream—$2.88/each, Breyers 48 oz, Ben & Jerry’s 16 oz.


Ground Beef—$3.99/lb, Value Pack, 85%lean
Beef—$3.99/lb, Corned Beef Briskets or Round
Fish—$6.99/lb, Fresh, Farm Raised
Fish—$5.99/6 oz portion, Halibut, Previously frozen
Thick sliced smoked bacon–$3.00/lb, 
Tomatoes—$1.50/pkg, Grape Tomatoes or Sprouts Brand Spinach
Bell Peppers OR Hothouse Cucumbers—$1.25/each, red, yellow, orange
Cauliflower—$.98/lb, (O)
Grapes—$.98/lb, red only
Blackberries—$.98/box, 5.6 oz
Dark Chocolate Walnuts—$5.99/lb, in Bulk Bin