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Sales, Menus & Recipes: London Broil Explained

27 February 2020  

All about London Broil.

Judging by the grocery ads, you might thing that London Broil is a cut of Beef. But it’s not. London Broil is a cooking method which generally involves marinating, cooking to only a medium temperature and slicing thinly across the grain of the meat fibers. The purpose is to produce a tasty, tender result from an inexpensive cut of beef.

The most common cuts used for London Broil are thick steaks or thin roasts of Top Round, Flank Steak or Skirt Steak. A thick Sirloin or any other not too high quality meat  can also be used. Chuck is usually not suitable as it is too tough and needs a long moist braise or stew. Bottom round is tougher than Top Round, but could be used if well tenderized. 

A wide variety of marinades can be used. The marinating time depends on the thickness and toughness of the meat. If you are pressed for time you might consider adding some crushed pineapple to your marinade, as it contains Papain which softens the meat (but if you leave it too long, you may get mushy meat.)

Cooking methods range from grilling to reverse searing in the oven. That is roasting it a while until the internal temp is fairly close to 135º, then searing quickly in a hot frying pan on the stovetop. It should be rested at least 15 minutes to reduce drying.

It is necessary to slice thinly across the grain (i.e. perpendicular to the way the meat fibers run.) To make wider slices, angle the knife. 

The Butchers in the meat departments will cut roasts into steaks for you. Be sure they cut along the grain so you can slice across the grain.

Here are a good explanation of the major cuts of beef, and some directions for marinades and cooking methods for London Broil. If you want a more flavorful marinade, add some peppers or some 

A good explanation of most beef cuts

Basic London Broil (oven)

London Broil Marinade

This one uses flank steak

Marinade from the BBQ Pit Boys

May is Frozen Food Month—Watch for specials and sales on frozen food throughout May.

This Week’s Sales


The Buy 5 get $1 off each item sale continues. Good deals this week include Palmolive Dish Detergent, $.99/20 oz bottle and Classico Pasta Sauce $1.49/jar. There are also a number of $1/item choices, Kleenex Ultra Soft and Bar S Franks, Hunt’s Canned Tomatoes.


The special Digital Coupon this week is Signature Select Ice Cream 48 oz for $.74/each, first two. Friday Feb 28 is $5 Friday. Items on sale include, Signature 8 piece Fried or Baked Chicken, Kretshmar Ham of the Bone, Turkey off the bone and Swiss Provolone or Munster Cheese, and Honeycrip Apples $5 for 5 lb (or $1/lb) 


Wants to remind everyone that you can get $100 worth of digital coupons every month with the Sprouts App. They are featuring a wide selection of citrus fruits this week, everything from Sumo Mandarins to Vintage Navel Oranges.

National Days This Week

2/27Chili DayStrawberry Day and Toast Day
2/28Chocolate Souffle Day
3/01Fruit Compote Day AND Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
3/02Banana Cream Pie Day
3/03Pound Cake Day

As they say—special toasts are “trending” in the food world. You can easily make your own at home.

Mushroom/Avocado Toast (Vegan)

4 Toast Recipes

Mushroom and Bacon French Toast

A Savory French Toast 

Recipes for this chilly week.

Cowboy Chili

In the house, lets put it in the oven, covered, about 250º, heat up the house a little.

Pork Chops with Red Bell Peppers

A Bunch of Recipes for Boneless Skinless Chicken

Baked Winter Fruit Compote

Also good with Roasted Meats, especially Ham

Fresh cut up pears and apples instead of canned fruit. And other dried fruits such as cherries, cranberries

Warm Vegetable Salad



Beef—$5.77/lb, Bone In Ribeye Steaks
Beef—$3.99/lb, Boneless Top Round Steak or Bottom Round Roast
Pork—BOGO, Spare Ribs
Chicken—BOG2, Foster Farms, Full Line Sale, all Foster Farms varieties included
Fish—$6.99, Salmon Fillet
Avocados—$.77/each, large
Grapes—$.77/lb, red, black
Eggs—$2.50/dz, Simple Truth Cage Free
Butter—$.99/lb, Kroger Brand, Must have 3 day digital coupon
Milk—$.99/half gallon, Fry’s brand or Mountain Dairy chocolate milk


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Beef—$5/lb, boneless New York steak, Friday Only
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Fish—$4.99/lb, Frozen Fillets, Salmon, Swai, Tilapia, Waterfront Bistro brand
Bell Peppers or Cucumbers—$.50/each
Tomatoes—$.99/lb, Roma
Artichokes—$1.50/each, large
Watermelons—$2.50/each, mini
Yogurt—$.88/each, Chobani, with clip or click coupon
Eggs—$1.50/dz, Open Nature, Cage Free, with clip or click coupon


Beef Roasts—$5.99/lb, Top Round (London Broil) or Bottom Round
Pork Chops—$2.99/lb, Bone in or Boneless
Chicken—$1.49/lb, bone in drums or thighs, $1.99/lb, B/S  breasts
Fish—$6.99/lb, Tuna, Swordfish or Mahi Mahi, previously frozen
Salad Greens—$3/each, (O) Select varieties
Bell Peppers—$.98/each
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Cheese—$3.99/lb, Monterey Jack or Domestic Swiss, random weight in cheese case