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Sales, Menus & Recipes: All Chocolate All the Time

06 February 2020  

All Chocolate All The Time

Or at least this week.  In honor of Valentines Day we are bringing you an issue dedicated to the sexiest food in the world, chocolate. 

Chocolate comes from the fruits of the Cacao tree which is native to Mexico. It’s earliest known use was around 1900 B.C. in what is now Chiapas state on the Pacific coast. All of the early evidence of its’ use is as a drink, a use that remains common today.

Cacao fruits or “beans” are quite bitter, and early users added many other flavorings including vanilla and chili to moderate the flavor. 

The Spanish conquistadores adopted the drinking of chocolate and brought the habit back to Europe.  It was mostly consumed as a drink until the Industrial Revolution produced new processes which led to the invention of the chocolate bar by English Chocolatier Joseph Fry in 1847.

One of the most important factors in chocolate flavor and nutritional profiles is the percentage of “cocoa mass”, ranging from about 30% in mild “milk chocolates to 100% in baking chocolate and even in some bars meant for eating. The way the chocolate is processed can reduce the “bitter” flavors and add complexity.

In cooking, chocolate and chilis seem to have a natural affinity. So spice up your Valentine fare.

Make It Yourself This Week

Chocolate Sauce 

So Easy and Good

Frozen Yogurt

Chocolate is the third one in, or make a strawberry sundae with your own chocolate sauce.

Hazelnut Spread 

Find the commercial kinds have too much sugar?  

Make It Yourself

Uses 2 c. raw hazelnuts, 2T coconut or hazelnut oil (or other neutral veg. oil), 2/3 c. sugar, 1t vanilla extract, pinch salt.

National Days this week (with a chocolate twist):

Feb 5World Nutella Day (Nutella being a sweetened mix of chocolate and hazelnut butter.)
Feb 6Frozen Yogurt Day (chocolate frozen yogurt is one of the most popular flavors)
Feb 9Pizza Day (yes there is chocolate pizza)
Feb 10Cream Cheese Brownie Day (featuring chocolate, of course)

Suggestions for dishes with chocolate for Valentine’s Day or any other Day.

Main Dishes

Chicken Molé
Chocolate Spiked Chili
Spice and Chocolate Rubbed Ribs


Citrus Salad with Chocolate Balsamic Vinaigrette
Fruit Salad marinated in Chocolate Balsamic Vinaigrette


Chocolate Pizza
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Frozen Yogurt
Cream Cheese Brownies
Nutella Brownies
Chocolate Chili Cookies

Recipes for Chocolate Lovers

Molé Sauce

There are different types, this one has chocolate. Try on roast vegetables.

Chocolate Chili

This could easily be made with plant based meat.

Chocolate Chili Spice Rub with Ribs

Chocolate Balsamic Vinaigrette

On a Citrus Salad, or an salad with fruit?

Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Frozen Yogurt

Chocolate is the third one in, or make a strawberry sundae with your own chocolate syrup.

Cream Cheese Brownies

Love the pan lining tip!

Hazelnut Brownies

Chocolate Chili Cookies

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