Today: May 29 , 2020

It's Guacamole Day!

16 September 2018  

Today is officially Guacamole Day. Can't ignore that!

Here are some quick factoids for your celebration pleasure:

  • The name, 'guacamole' comes from an Aztec dialect meaning, "avocado sauce".
  • In the early 1900’s avocados were called, "alligator pears"
  • Avocado imports were banned in the early 1900’s by the US government
  • One of the most popular varieties of avocado is the "Hass" avocado, named after a postal worker, Rudolph Hass
  • Most popular days for guac? Super Bowl Sunday and Cinco de Maya
  • It is estimated that over 50 million pounds of guacamole is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday

Yes, you can buy guacamole in the store - check out the produce refrigerator section. But, it’s pretty easy to make, too. Here are several varieties of guac to try out - maybe you should have a tasting party!

And if these recipes are too much for you - there’s nothing like mashed avocado on toast sprinkled with a little garlic salt. Just sayin’.

Celebrity Guacamole recipes tested by Buzz Feed

Classic Guacamole from Food Wishes & Chef John

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