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Sales, Menus & Recipes: Chinese New Year!

21 February 2018  

Chinese New Year: Time for Something Different

The Chinese New Year is Not a Date, It’s a Season

The lunar New Year is celebrated by many in Asia, from Vietnam to Malaysia, and far beyond—to London, San Francisco, any place where the migrations have reached. This Holiday Season begins at the new moon in late Jan/early Feb. (Feb16 this year) and goes to the end of the Lantern Festival (March 2 this year). There are many traditions, but like most others this holiday stresses family and food; also housecleaning, decorating and gift giving.

Many different dishes are featured, depending on precisely where you are from, but commonly eaten are spring rolls, dumplings (a huge category), and noodles. Here in Prescott it can be difficult to find some of the more exotic ingredients, but most of our supermarkets have at least some.

This is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac, and people born in this year are supposed to be loyal, steadfast, maybe a little stubborn. To find out what year you were born in, you’ll need to consult a table

Specialty Days

February 21: Sticky Bun Day - The best way to enjoy cold weather. 
February 22: Chili Day (4th Thursday of February) - Pick your chili. 25 to choose from.
February 22: Cook a Sweet Potato Day - You’ll never look at sweet potatoes the same way again.
February 23: Banana Bread Day - Banana bread. A classic. 
February 24: Tortilla Chip Day - And you thought tortilla chips were only for dipping.
February 25: Chocolate-Covered Peanuts Day - Chocolate. Peanuts. What more to say? 
February 25: Clam Chowder Day - Nothing like an old fashioned bowl of clam chowder.
February 26: Pistachio Day - Get your pistachio fix.
February 27: Strawberry Day - More strawberry recipes than you will ever use!
February 27: Kahlua Day - Make your own. Yep. Really. 

Special sales this week include:

Fry’s— Buy 5 Save $5,
Safeway— Clip or Click Coupons and the Monopoly Game, and
Sprouts continues its Buy One Get One Free sale on over 800 items in its store.

Cooking Tips

Most of these recipes can be made with any meat or veggies you like, BUT it really is essential to do all prep work, cutting, mixing liquids, finding bottles, before you start cooking.

Both Sprouts and Fry’s carry spring roll wrappers. Ask if you can’t find them. 

If you want noodles and can’t find them, try using just the noodles from ramen. They're on sale 4 pkg/$1at Safeway, cook or soak as per directions, drain well, heat in wok or skillet, add stir fried meat and veggies.

Links & Definitions:

All Store Coupons & Sales (on the Pillsbury site)
Fry’s Grocery Ad Fliers
Safeway Grocery Ad Fliers
Sprouts Grocery Ads 
BOGO: Buy One, Get One
(O): Organic
B/S: Boneless, Skinless



Scallion Pancakes 
Hunan Chicken
Steamed Long Grain Rice
(make extra rice and asparagus for tomorrow)

Chinese Scallion Pancake

Hunan Chicken

Items On Sale

B/S Chicken Tenders $2.99/lb @ Sprouts
B/S Chicken breasts or Thighs $1.99 @ Safeway
Asparagus $.98 @ Sprouts;  $.77/lb @ Fry’s
Red Bell Peppers $.34/ea @ Sprouts
Organic Broccoli $1.98/lb @ Safeway,  $1.48 @ Sprouts
Scallions $.50 at most stores

Day 2

Fried Rice with Vegetables and Shrimp
Frozen Potstickers with Dipping Sauce
Dessert Spring Rolls with Yogurt

Fried Rice

I usually use left over veggies, but use what you want/have.

Items On Sale

Shrimp $5.99/lb @ Safeway, $7.99 @ Sprouts $6.99/lb @ Fry’s
Celery $.98/ea @ Sprouts
Bell Peppers, Red, Yellow or Orange $1.25/each @ Fry’s
Bell Peppers, Red only 3/$1 @ Sprouts 
Organic Kale $.99/bunch @ Fry’s

Day 3

Potato and Swiss Cheese Casserole
Chocolate Brownies

Swiss Cheese and Potato Casserole

(or use other varieties of cheese)

Chocolate Brownies

Items On Sale

Cheese $3.99/lb, cheddar @ Sprouts; $2.49/ea with Coupon Kraft @ Safeway OR $1.88 Lucerne @ Safeway; $1.99, Kraft (buy 5 save $5) @ Fry’s
Russett Potatoes $2.47/5 lb bag @ Safeway,  $1/3 lb @ Sprouts

Day 4

Shrimp Spring Rolls
Egg Foo Young
Fortune Cookies

Spring Rolls—Shrimp

Egg Foo Young

Items On Sale

Pork $1.49/lb Country Style Ribs @ Sprouts;  $1.69/lb pork loin @ Safeway (they will slice it if you ask—have them slice a few thin, the rest extra thick for stuffed chops)
Pork BOGO Loin ribs or chops @ Fry’s
Eggs $2.49/dz Egglands Best, With Coupon
Onions Organic $1.29/lb @ Safeway

Day 5

Pork noodles with vegetables
Citrus salad
Pork with Noodles

Items On Sale

Cara Cara Oranges $.98/lb @ Sprouts  $1.69 @ Safeway $1.25/lb @ Fry’s

Day 6
Tired of fried and baked fish? Try steaming.

Vietnamese Steamed Fish
Stir Fried Vegetables
Steamed Rice
Fruit Salad

Vietnamese Steamed Fish

Items On Sale

Tilapia $5.99/lb @ Sprouts, $3.99/lb @ Safeway
Salmon $7.99/lb @ Safeway  $7.99 @ Sprouts
Catfish $5.99/lb @ Fry’s
Pacific Rockfish $4.99 @ Fry’s
Strawberries $.98/lb @ Sprouts
Pears $.98/lb @ Sprouts
Grapes, Green or Red $1.98/lb @ Safeway and Fry’s
Blueberries $2/6 oz @ Fry’s
Cantaloupe 4.97/ea @ Fry’s

One more recipe, because we love Mongolian Beef: