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On Sale This Week: It's Grill Time!

30 August 2017  

On Sale This Week 8/30 to 9/5

Labor Day. Barbecue. Picnic. Baseball. Football. Sounds like some good eats. Everyone is featuring grillable meats, fruit and beer.

Fry’s Buy 5, Save $5 sale continues with some great Labor Day deals. Everything from chips to cheese to beer.

Safeway is also having the ‘Fab Five’ sale. Buy 5 participating items, save $5. Safeway also has a number of Digital Coupons in their Just for U program.

Sprouts this week is selling over 900 items on a Buy One Get One Free. This includes items ranging from New York Steaks to Kiss My Face toothpaste.

As always, prices are for this area and for Safeway and Fry's will require at least a Club Membership card. Some may require digital coupons as well. We try to indicate all restrictions, special conditions etc. Sprouts does not require any cards and does not have any special savings days. Every week Sprouts has double ad Wednesday, when you get last week’s and this week’s ad prices. All three stores have digital savings available to those with appropriate accounts. Go to their web pages for details and directions. Fry’s at least will give you the advertised digital price if you state you do not have the necessary technology. Safeway sometimes has coupons which you can access digitally or clip out of the ad.



Deal of the Week

Be sure you don’t overcook, and on a regular grill t’s way easier with a grill basket.


$.88/lb—Grapes, seedless, red, green, black
$1/3 ears—Olathe sweet corn
$2/box—Blueberries (6 oz) OR Blackberries (6 oz)
$1.29/ib—Yellow peaches OR nectarines
Buy One Get One Free—Dole salad kits


Deal of the Week

Buy1 get 2 Free—Pork Back Ribs, previously frozen

$5.97/lb—Beef, Ribeye Steaks Bone in, Super value pack
$3.50/pkg—Sausage, Johnsonville, Italian or Brats, 19 oz pkg, 5 sausages
$1.99/lb—Pork Spareribs, previously frozen
$$1.99/lb—Beef Brisket, Whole in bag
Other Good Deals
$,88/each—Barbecue sauce, Sweet Baby Ray’s, sv*
$1.88—Cheese, Kroger, sv
$2.99/each—Fresh Baked Fruit Pies
Buy 5 get $5 off, mix and match in groups of 5 to get sale price
$.79/each—Mission corn chips, 7-up 2 ltr, Dr Pepper 2 ltr, sv
$.99/each—Hot Dogs, Oscar Meyer. sv
$1.49/box—Crackers, Nabisco, sv
$1.29/each—Cereal, General Mills, sv
$1.99/each—Milano Cookies, sv
sv = select varieties 



Deal Of The Week

$1/10 ears—Olathe Sweet Corn
an interesting twist on freezing corn using brine

$.99/lb—Baking Potatoes
$.99/each—Iceberg Lettuce
$1.99/lb—Hothouse Tomatoes


Deal Of the Week

$3.97/lb—Beef, New York Strip Steak, bone in. family pack
There are other ways to cook steak than grilling
Here’s the Lobel’s meat company suggestion for pan broiling

And here’s an intriguing technique and a coffee rub?

$1.97/lb—Ground Beef, Ground Fresh Daily in store, packages of $5 or more
$1.77/lb—Pork ribs, St Louis, previously frozen OR Fresh spare, value pack, limit 4
$1.77/lb—Chicken, Breast, boneless skinless, sold from butcher block
$1.29/lb—Chicken, Drums, Thighs or leg quarters, jumbo pack

Other Good Deals

$5 for 3—Water, Refreshe 24 pk, when you buy 3, limit 1 reward per transaction
$4.99/each—Cheese, 2 lb pkg Lucerne, chunk or shredded, sv*, limit 4
$1.47/each—Best Foods Mayo OR Heinz Ketchup, OR Bush’s Baked Beans, limit 3, sv
$1.47/each—Sara Lee Artesano bread, OR Jif Peanut Butter OR Smuckers Jam, sv
$4.99/each—Coffee K-cups, Select brands, sizes and varieties

Fab 5 Sale. Mix and Match 5 participating items (look for special blue tags), get $5 off

$2.99/each—Dreyer’s Ice Cream, 48 fl. oz, sv
$1.99/each—Mott’s Apple Juice, 128 oz, sv
$1.99/each—Dixie Bowls and Plates, sv
$2.49/each—Dawn Dish Soap, sv
$2.49/each—Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh or Carving Board Lunchmeat, sv
*sv = select varieties


Deal of the Week

$1/ten ears—Olathe Sweet Corn

Corn relish—basic recipe

$.88/lb—Gala Apples, Bartlett Pears, Black Seedless Grapes, White Nectarines
$.88/each—Jumbo Cantaloupes
$.88/lb—Hatch Green Chiles, Roma or Beefsteak Tomatoes
$.98/each—Lettuce heads, Romaine, R3ed or Green
Buy One Get One Free—Grape Tomatoes, 1 dry pint

Organic Produce

$1.25/each—1 lb bag baby carrots OR eggplant
$1.25/lb—Italian Squash
$1.98/each—Mini Sweet peppers, 1 dry pint

Deal of the Week

$3.99/lb—Ground Beef, 100% Grass Fed, Product of USA, value pack, limit 4 pkg
You don't need cold weather for soup to taste good.

$3.99/lb—Pork or Turkey Sausages, various flavors, freshly made in store
$5.99/lb—Ground Beef Patties, various flavors, freshly made in store
$5.99/lb—Carne Asada, marinated
Buy one Get One Free—New York Steaks, Arizona Grown, limit 4 packages

Other Good Deals

The Buy One Get One Free Sale will continue for TWO weeks and has over 900 participating items throughout the store. Some of the Best Values in each department are listed below.
Earthbound Farm Organic Salads, sv*
Blue Diamond Nut Thins, sv
Napa Valley Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sv
Arrowhead Water, 24 pk
Lantana Hummus 10 oz, sv
Hanson’s Soda, 6 pk, sv
Justin’s Peanut Butter, sv
Mom’s Best Cereals sv
Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts, sv
Ricola cough drops, sv

And Many Many More
sv = select varieties

Elegant Entertaining on a Budget


You’ve got a group of people coming over, but your deep, dark secret is that the budget is kind of tight this week. No worries. You can still serve an elegant dinner, and save on the cost of meats easily. How? Kebabs! They look fantastic, but you can use less meat and more veggies and fruits in between the pieces of meat to help keep expenses under control. 

Be imaginative with your kebab ingredients. You can mix’n’match meats (how about sausage with chicken?) veggies such as zucchini, tomatoes, pineapples, mushrooms, peppers, onions and more. You can even make dessert kebabs. 

If you want, you can put out the ingredients in advance (don’t forget to marinate the meat) and allow your guests to build their own kebabs.

Finally, for your BBQing pleasure, we bring you 6 BBQ hacks from Britain! Happy Labor Day weekend.