Today: Feb 29 , 2020
Ken & Lisa Lain - Watters Garden Center

Ken & Lisa Lain - Watters Garden Center

These plants bring color and beauty to your landscape.


Too much rain can stress and kill plants. Sick plants show their autumn colors before other plants do, an indication that they need our help. These healthy plant tips bring sick plants back to life.

Autumn through November is the peak period for successful planting in a landscape, especially large trees and shrubs. September is the best month to overseed, start, or extend a new lawn.

Fall flowers allow our gardens to bloom all winter, but timing is everything with these autumn and winter show offs. Transition summer bloomers from the garden to make room for these five plants and your garden will have blooms for the holidays.

End of season sale sparks savings to be had at garden center. As the nursery transitions to the autumn and evergreen blend of plants, sales are used to move remaining spring and summer plants. 'Monster Monsoon Sale' sale starts this weekend.

Fragrance in the landscape is easy with these 5 fragrant tips. Top list of aromatic plants best grown in the yard.