Today: Feb 26 , 2020
Ken & Lisa Lain - Watters Garden Center

Ken & Lisa Lain - Watters Garden Center

Ten easy autumn tasks to keep your garden healthy, strong, and blooming. They're what it takes to ensure the best flowers, foliage, and autumn colors this year.

Watters Garden Center is showing off some lovely Plants of the Week. Who said that fall can't be colorful?

Now is the time to put designer fashion into your garden containers, entrances, and patios.  Switch out some of those tired summer bloomers with fresh touches of autumn. 

Ready to add some intense color to your fall landscaping? Watters's has the recipe for you.

As autumn arrives there are plenty of colors left in our gardens; some of the best color is now through the end of the year. Fall is an even better time to plant than spring.

These plants bring color and beauty to your landscape.