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Why Flowers Die & How to Keep Them Alive

You can beat the heat and still have a lovely, colorful garden.

7 Flowers that Save Monarch Butterflies

Every flower gardener can provide a link in the life chain of this threatened butterfly.

Low to NO water use flowers for easy care.  Xeriscape perennials that thrive on neglect.  Easy to grow flowers that spread like wildflowers.  

CBP Agriculture Specialists Working at Arizona Ports Ensure Mother’s Day Flowers are Disease and Pest Free

Your neighborhood wild bunny wants to eat your garden!

Color combinations for style through Autumn. Best small evergreen trees for pots. Small evergreens that dress up containers. Winter flowers that bloom.

Flowers' colors and fragrances help home buyers to move fast. Using flowers to sell your home.

Fall flowers allow our gardens to bloom all winter, but timing is everything with these autumn and winter show offs. Transition summer bloomers from the garden to make room for these five plants and your garden will have blooms for the holidays.

Some must-have perennial bloomers for mountain gardens. Colorful flowers that bugs NEVER will eat.

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