Today: Jul 10 , 2020

How to dry and preserve autumn leaves, with insider tips to saving the brightest foliage possible. These decorating ideas will please everyone.

What's In Your Lighting?

Deciphering the right lighting can be a challenge.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to clean up. 

Attend the free gardening classes at Watters every Saturday morning at 9:30. 

How to plant a container garden. For easy gardening choose the right container size, style, and material. Best planting techniques for successful containers with trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables.

Helping Bees Find Our Gardens

What is it? Ants

Ants. A common problem for many people, and in Arizona we have 318 species of ants.

Residents new to the mountains want to get back-to-nature, find solitude, and escape the rat race.  Locally we call this the urban-wild land interface. However, with a woodland lifestyle come risks.  For instance, this week the primary hazard is the danger of wildfire. 

Installing a Fireplace

So, the temperatures outside during the day are so close to 100º that it's impossible to remember the cold, winter weather. But now's the perfect time to think about remodeling and upgrading your home fireplace. 

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