Today: Jun 06 , 2020

Arizona Gas Prices Fall 1.2 Cents

Gasoline prices drop slightly in Arizona. 

Gas Prices Rise Slightly

Prices are higher in Arizona, but by less than a penny.

Arizona Gas Prices Were Stable This Week

Retail gas prices were quite steady this week.

Although there was a slight increase this week, the prices should drop this fall, barring unforeseen events.

Arizona Gas Prices Rise 2.1¢

Gas Prices Rise before Labor Day

Arizona Gas Prices Tick Slightly Upwards

Gas prices rose about 2.2¢ this week.

Gas Prices Continue to Drop

Gas prices drop by 5.1¢ per gallon.

Arizona Gas Prices Drop 4.4¢

Gas prices have dropped this week.

Are gas prices on their way to below $2 again?

Gas Prices Drop in Arizona

Prices have dropped in Arizona, placing the state average about in the middle of the range.

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