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2019 Best & Most Amazing Roses of the Year

Roses that grow best. 

Are roses easy to grow? 

When to buy a rose bush.  

What is the prettiest rose? 

World's prettiest flower this year. 

Do floribunda roses bloom all summer? 

How to keep a rose bush blooming. 

Roses with the most fragrance. 

The mountains of Arizona are famous for easy-care roses.  Because of the dry air and alkaline soils we just grow a better, brighter, more fragrant rose without the disease and insect issues that plague gardens in the high-humidity states. Every landscape and garden deserves at least one rose bush whether in the ground, raised bed, or a container.  4 Major Rose Types Explained.

Winners of the Best Mountain Roses for 2019 are those with fragrance, ease of care, long bloom cycles, and fadeless colors. The roses described below are by no means the only roses you'll find here at Watters Garden Center this year, but they are the winners. Roses are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of popularity.  Enjoy reading about this year's list of the best mountain roses. 

Arctic Blue (Double ruffled lavender blossoms - floribunda) Pointed buds slowly unfurl to reveal spiraled flowers of lovely lilac pink, fading to lavender blue with a cream reverse. The petals hold their color well, remaining attractive right until they are finished. 

Brilliant Pink Iceberg (Cerise pink painted over petal's creamy background - floribunda) This color mutation of the renowned Iceberg occurred in the far reaches of Tasmania!  The plant is exactly like its parent except that the color has been kicked up a notch to a brighter cerise pink painted onto the cream. Color intensifies in our mountain conditions.

Coral Cove (Pretty pink blooms shading to orange - shrub)  Incredible color, petite size, really easy to grow. This everblooming gem has double blossoms with petals that are dark pink changing to orange and finally to bright yellow at the center.  The color is so natural to a companion plant, that it should have a place in every wild perennial bed. 


Gentle Giant (Vibrant pink with a golden petal base - hybrid tea) Monstrous vibrant pink flowers grow the size of the human hand with an inner glow of golden yellow.  Long stems are perfect for a bouquet, but it doesn't take many of these giant beauties to fill a vase.

Head over Heels (pink cloud-like flowers - shrub) Full, fluffy, light pink flowers bloom repeatedly through the season. This upright rose with glossy-green foliage makes an excellent plant for the middle of your garden or for easily elegant containers. 

Intrigue (Novel plum purple blossoms- floribunda) No other modern rose captures the deep purple-red bud and velvety plum-colored flower of this award winner. It pleases the nose with a pronounced perfume of citrus and rose. Dark green leaves enrobe the bushy rounded plant.

Music Box (Petals of creamy yellow surrounded by delicate pink - shrub) Sings with double blooms of creamy yellow centers surrounded by blends of delicate pink. An everblooming mound of blossoms sits atop foliage that is resistant to all diseases and problem insects. An ideal accent to bring harmony to your garden. 

Rock & Roll (Creamy buds open to reveal wild stripes of burgundy, red, and white - grandiflora) Big creamy buds set the 'beat' for what's to become a rockin' show of colors. Each petal unfurls to reveal a different pattern of striped & splashed burgundy, red & ivory. This is a live performance that involves your nose 'cause the fragrance is a killer. Rock on!

Stormy Weather (Deep smoky shade with a lighter reverse - climber) Mysteriously smoky deep purple blooms with just a touch of cloudy white on the reverse.  Set against loads of grey-green leaves. Clusters of this unique color bloom and repeat again the very first season. This climbing rose is bound to cause a garden commotion in 2019. 

Super Hero (Bright sky-red petals - shrub)You don't have to be a Super Hero to grow great roses. Clusters of perfect, red blossoms stand out firmly against the clean satiny foliage.  More javelina resistant than other easy-care roses.  

Sweet Fragrance (Blooms in tropical tints of coral and orange - shrub)  Hybrid-tea-shaped buds in tropical tones of coral and orange with a deep yellow base swirl open to full, sweetly fragrant, apricot blossoms. Each bloom matures to salmon-pink, adding interest with its range of color. Clusters of buds and flowers are held on sturdy canes making them perfect for cutting.

There you have 'em, the roses you'll find mountain gardeners talking about in 2019.  With 700+ roses showing at Watters Garden Center, the variety of fragrances and colors are bound to provide the right rose for every garden.
View all 29 rose winners for 2019 at

Feeding roses with my specially blended 'Flower Power 54' water-soluble fertilizer every two weeks will produce HUGE blooms!  Water your new rose bush deeply twice a month for bouquets of full, plump, flowers all season long. 

Watters' roses are ready to plant for Mother's Day and will produce waves of flowers for cutting by the important women in your life.  

Until next issue, I'll be helping local gardeners pick just the right roses here at Watters Garden Center.  

Ken Lain can be found throughout the week at Watters Garden Center, 1815 W. Iron Springs Rd in Prescott, or contacted through her web site at or .





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